Har Cheh Badabad Serial Part 2

Aylin goes to say that I don’t want to go and I don’t have a family. But there are people who visit him regularly and support him.

Amir exposes Baba Osman during interrogation. The same with Alexander. Amir’s name becomes Sadi Payazli.

His new life begins.
Becomes a geography teacher.

Sangal makes out with him. He is protesting his presence in school. He must go to Istanbul himself. they are going.

Children are released from prison. They are told the conditions that are placed on them.

Mert goes to the sea and surprises him.

Malik enters the house with bitter memories.
His stepfather is in a wheelchair.

The story of Elaine happened in a boutique.
She was an unmarried girl who was circumcised instead of her sister.

He drops the bracelet in the yard and leaves.
He throws his friend to Jaren, but Jaren’s mother disagrees.

Another boy goes home and sees that his brother is not Ozan. It is in the drug business.

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