Har Cheh Badabad Serial Part 3

We found out that Ozan, Zulfiqar’s brother, is taking pills.
John, that mobile boy, went to his family.

Amir (Sadi) and Nightingale went for dinner. They stay at the police house and have dinner.
They get to know each other. The Hyacinth family is discussed and explained. His father was also a policeman.

Uzan and Taher have gone to remove a body from the grave. The grave is empty. Taher is looking for Amir Haftkhat.

Myrtle and Gizm meet. Did Mert hit Gizim’s father with a knife? The knife belonged to his father and Mert prevented Gizm’s father from harming his mother.

Amir Haftkhat shaved his beard to go to school.

As soon as he entered the school, one of the professors fell ill and was taken away by ambulance.

On the verge of getting to know the children at school, Mert goes to the verge of a conflict. Sadie stops him.

Class, rough situation, knife and fear hormone and honey badger.

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