Raze Bagha Serial Part 3 | Recap


Rahim, who is hiding in the yard, seizes the opportunity and picks up a box of Pfizer and escapes. The armed guard of the house follows him and shoots him several times.

Rahim, who escaped from the guard, sits on the street corner and starts shouting and says that Pfizer has the original for sale. Someone gets a vaccine from him and checks the barcode of the goods and realizes that it is the original. Everyone gathers around Rahim and asks for the price. Rahim says that a grain is ten tomans and everyone who does not have it and really needs it should send Salawat instead of money. Don’t you have money?》 The crowd sends Salawat again. Rahim distributes Pfisers among the people.

The time goes back to the day of Rahim’s funeral رح. See his brother and once they proposed to him, but Rahim did not propose and he was forced to marry a girl himself because of a confrontation and now he has a six-year-old daughter. Some time ago, they saw another girl for him and some actions were taken. And hopes that this time he will not have to mediate.
“Some time before Rahim’s death”

Rahim goes to prison for selling a fake vaccine.

In Kasandan Gallery, the phone rings and one of the sellers answers the phone. The saleswoman asks Rahim why he called them from Evin, Bita takes the phone from the girl and asks what she is doing? Rahim He says that he knows that he misses her and today is the day of the meeting. Bita says: 《There is هست Rahim says that he will call again, but he does not promise.

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Hatem has taken his daughter to the park with his ex-wife. Kiana goes to swing with her friend. Hatem asks Reyhaneh to pay him five tomans and then returns it to him. Didn’t he give her half? Doesn’t the fish give him a coin? Hatem says that coins are a condition of divorce and his mother collects them for Kiana’s future. Reyhaneh says that she should think a little and her brother is in prison and her mother is beating with grief. Hatem asks Reyhaneh to pledge her house deed to her brother. Reyhaneh takes Kiana’s hand to leave and He asks Hatem if he knows that a family, a rich old man whom his mother is nursing, is thinking of marrying his mother? When Reyhaneh leaves, Hatem says: Why did he not think of me? Good talk!

Rahim is sitting in front of his cellmates in prison. The white beard of the prison asks Rahim what he has to do with his daughter Bita? Rahim is surprised that Bita did not tell him that his father is in prison. Bita’s father says that Bita He has a suitor named Afshin who is very rich. Rahim gets up to leave and says that he understands what he means and has nothing to do with his daughter anymore. He loves her and if not, he would not come to work. He explains to Rahim that Bita has promised to marry Afshin because of him, but Afshin himself has caused him to go to prison. Save him, even at the cost of his life imprisonment.
Zinat Khanum goes to Haji Almasi’s shop and says that she wants to come to their house to consult. He saw that he was standing on the street corner with his suitcases and his heart was burning for him and he brought him home to live in the basement of their house.

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At the same time, Hatem arrives. Haj Almasi tells Hatem that his mother has done a good deed today. Hatem says that he is informed, but he has a condition and that he wants two hundred and fifty coins. He is careful and asks Haj Almasi to justify him. Haj Almasi tells the story to Hatem. The lady looks at Haj Almasi with tears and says, “The only thing they have except the house is a tenth of a dengue of a shop, which she can’t even say. Hatem also stares at Haj Almasi with a smile.” Haj Almasi He says that he understood what they meant and told his student Iraj The prison is waiting for him. Iraj comes and rides Rahim. Afshin asks the driver to follow them, because he has a plan for Rahim. But a few moments later, Ardeshir’s men arrive and force Rahim and Iraj. They put him in a car and take him away. Afshin says that Rahim is a big-headed man and it is not easy to submerge his head.

Ardeshir’s men take Rahim and Iraj to a remote house. Ardeshir comes and asks Rahim who he is and why he visited the house and stole the vaccine. Rahim says that he said it before and again. He says that he got into a van and something happened to that house. Ardeshir goes and tells one of his people to ask Rahim the same thing again and if he does not answer, he will kill him. Rahim says that because he was in prison, Adam It is dangerous and he still wants to go to the toilet ‌. He gets up and goes to Adam Ardeshir. Falls.

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