How Much Money Does Each 1000 YouTube Views Make?


Be more specialized and relevant to the job market and things like that.

Usually the ads that are displayed on it are more expensive ads.

We will explain why in the following, a generic product that the manufacturer wants to show only to people, when he wants to advertise the product on the Google Ads system, he can pay one hundredth of the currency of the country through which he created the Google Ads account.

Advertise in that country. For example, by paying one cent for each show, a product can be advertised.

But as mentioned, there is an auction for an ad, the one who pays more, his ad will be displayed on better, more relevant and more serious channels. However, a tradition can be visited, but there are a number of channels that have a specific audience.

When you have a specific audience, the person who wants to advertise must shrink the target audience and target specific people. For example, Photoshop or Premiere, what percentage of people in the community would like to learn Primer or Photoshop?

There are not many people, there is a small interested community.

As a result, companies that want to advertise must use the features of Google Ads and go into detail and target only a small community. For example, if the age range is between eighteen and thirty-five years old, people who are interested in computers and software, in which countries they live, in Google Ads environment, the desired items can be checked.

Selecting these items makes the target community smaller.

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If you leave the ad without entering the details, it is possible that two billion people will be able to see the ad, but the more details you select, the smaller the number will be, to the point that there are, for example, two hundred and fifty thousand people with the characteristics you specified. Is supposed to see your ad.

Companies do this so that their money is spent in the right place. This means knowing that the person who sees the Photoshop ad is interested in the topic.

The Google Ads system is set up in such a way that the more filters you make and the more specific and small your target audience and market become, the more you have to pay to YouTube or Google, and this is no longer a tradition. You may have to pay ten, fifteen cents for each show.

That’s why ads on technical topics are more expensive than ads on public video, because companies have to shrink the target audience, filter more, and pay more to YouTube, or Google, to display their ads.

In reviewing a technical video on a Persian-language channel, which had, for example, 4,600 views, it earned approximately fifty-one dollars, YouTube received twenty-one dollars for a thousand views of this video from the advertiser, and of this amount fifty And five percent belongs to the channel owner and forty-five percent to YouTube. So twelve dollars of this amount is for the owner of the channel, if the number is multiplied, it becomes the same five and one dollars. That’s a big deal, a tech video, for a thousand views, can make, say, ten, twelve dollars, but for a regular, non-specialist video, it would be about six or eight dollars, which is about eight dollars. Half of it is owned by the channel and the rest by YouTube. That means it will earn about two, three dollars. That’s why viewing technical content is usually a bigger number.

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Another issue is that most ads have the ability to skip, that is, ads that you can skip and skip. When an ad can skip, if someone skips, you will not be paid unless you see that person for at least 30 seconds of the ad.

Also the type of ads available to you. You check which ads are displayed on your video, some ads can be skipped, some are displayed as subtitles and photo boxes, some ads must be seen for fifteen seconds and can not be skipped.

So the revenue per thousand views depends on the country in which your video is viewed. For example, for a thousand visits to India, you earn about thirty, forty or fifty cents, and if all the visits to the United States, which has the highest advertising cost, are about twenty, thirty dollars for a series of very specific topics. A thousand hits can earn you money.

This will help you understand why the price of advertising and revenue will be different from the subject of the video and what country you are visiting.

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