Iyilik Episode 2 English Subtitles


Episode 2 is the second episode of season one of “İyilik“. The episode premieres Friday, May 6th, 2022 on FOX . Produced by Medyapim

Nahir is a little girl whose father informs Murat over the phone that she did everything without her mother noticing.

[Turkish Version]

He tells his mother, Nasliyan, that he was talking to Ida.

Boy, Batu enters. His mother hugs him.

Daddy arrives.

Aisha is the maid of the villa.

The mother knows, but says that she does not think she does not know.

Beautifully spread tablecloth. It is the wedding anniversary of the parents.

Murad gives a beautiful ring to his wife.

Nahir and his father take their mother to watch the surprise.

They play a movie in the yard and spin. They see their own film.

Aisha comes and says the new tenant of the small house has come.

Ms. Nasliyan rented it and something went wrong.

Murad is surprised. That something happened there again.

Generations ask him not to be rude to a girl who is a tenant.

He knows the girl in the house.

Her name is Damlt and he has a secret relationship with Murad.

For him, flirtation comes.

Going back to a week ago.

Damla and Murad are in the car together.

Busy love game. The girl is a shoe designer.

The mother and daughter-in-law are going to go to the parade.

Batu is not well and his mother stays with him. His mother is upset that generations will not come.

He says a woman’s honesty is tested when a man has nothing.

The honesty of a man when he owns everything. My daughter, are you blind?

He is to be applauded for the first time as a boss.

Generations say I’m tired of your mistrust. I know him. It does not.

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The mother gets angry and leaves.

Grandmother, Shahika Khanum enters the ceremony.

Murad greets him.

Shahika is looking for the press and asks which side is the scene? Checks various items.

Murad asks is there a problem?

Shahika Motalek says why she did not insist on her daughter coming.

“I think about all your warnings about work,” Murad said. You are my boss.

But in family matters we agreed that you would not interfere.

The mother says that generations are also my family. Know that many flies go to the light.

Damla comes and calls Murad. Murad asks why did you come at this hour?

Generations on the other hand have handed Bato over to their worker and are coming to the ceremony.

Damla and Murad are secretly flirting in the technical workroom when generations pass by, but just as the generations pass, Murad leaves the room.

Generation brother Sinan is also angry with his mother for the complaints.

The fashion show begins. The mannequins come and go.

Generations go to greet her husband And asks him to introduce her to the shoe designer.

Murad says he did not come.

They want Murad on stage. With his wife’s mother. Shahika who is the founder.

Murad invites his wife Nasliyan on stage as the thought behind this work. Shahika says to put her shoes on her feet.

Damla is upset and leaves. Shahika is not satisfied and says it was not bad and she is leaving.

They also have an afterparty program. Generations say he goes home.

Murad goes to Damla’s house. There they talk and Murad leaves him.

Damla browses the photos of the ceremony on Instagram and looks at the shoe she designed at the feet of her love rival and is greedy and sad.

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Murad returns to his generation and says that he did not go to the after party.

On the other hand, Damla is collecting information about generations’ lives and travels on Instagram.

It is morning and Murad has made an omelet for his family. Damla calls to reconcile.

It means angry.

Damla is watching the generations. She follows him.

Generations enter the club.

Damla goes after him and announces that I want to register too.

In the sauna, generations are getting worse. Damla takes care of him.

He takes her to the hospital.

When she finds out that the generation of their generation is going to come, they go out.

The tail is on the door and it means inside. He follows her from a distance.

The same thing happens when generations run. They see each other.

They talk about marriage and the like and go for lunch. Introduces himself as a painter.

He tells her about a relationship he has had for a year and a half.

Shahika goes to Murad and talks about going to the hospital.

Generations call Murad and tell him that they are out with a painter named Damla. Murad doubts. It also reviews the story of the hospital.

Murad leaves the company. It rings and Damla hangs up. We find out that there is an inn in their backyard. Murad arrives and sees them together. He does not come to her and goes, greets her and sits down.

Murad treats Damla so badly that he was not there by accident and now he wants to get help.

Generations want Damla to come with her boyfriend this time.

Damla says I did not say but my boyfriend is married. I can not come with him.

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Murad attributes Shahika’s behavior to her anger.

Then he goes to Damla and fights her.

Then he says that you are not afraid to say everything? Murad also threatens him.

The next day, Murad goes to the company and has a meeting.

Damla calls and he rejects.

Damla pretends to have committed suicide and talks to the generations and says she has left my love and you are the only one who can help.

Damla is in a bad mood and the generations take her to the hospital and they get closer to each other.

In Nasliyan Company, he goes to his mother Shahika.

She is not happy now and says that something happened, mom. Tells the story of the club and tells the story of the girl’s suicide. And that Damla is like Ajah. Wanted

رش. She also fell in love with a married man.

Ajah died for me. I know you do not like me because of that.

I’m going to make up for this girl.

Damla and the generations see each other. She tells the story without naming her boyfriend.

“I know I can not live without him,” he says.

Generations celebrate the story of his sister Eje.

He says that my father had betrayed my mother at that time. I was upset too. We did not pay enough attention to him.

He said I would die without him. I said die then. And killed himself.

We see that Damla has read the story before and made a decision based on it.

As a lesson from his sister, Nasliyan promises Damla that he will do everything for the man to separate from his wife and come to her.

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