Iyilik Episode 3 English Subtitles


Episode 2 is the second episode of season one of “İyilik“.

The episode premieres Friday, May 13th, 2022 on FOX . Produced by Medyapim

In the teaser released for the third part of the good series.

we see that generations have been suspicious of Murad.

Murad is betraying him and the woman he is having an affair with is probably Damlas.

But he refuses to accept this bitter reality easily and wants to be sure of everything first.

Generations continue their friendly relationship with Damla.

grieving over Murad and saying that it has long been suspected.

Murad has been betrayed and does not know how to find out.

Damla, who has taken this opportunity, tells the generations to check Murad’s phone because whatever has happened is inside his phone.
Generations examine household items and find a secret phone.”I think Murad and Damla have known each other for a long time and we have to be careful,” she said, referring to her mother and recounting the issue.

In the following, we see that the minds of the generations are fully involved in what Murad is doing and follow him so that he can reveal his secrets.

In pursuit of Murad, Nasliyan finds out that Murad enters the alley of Damla’s residence.

Nasliyan goes to Damla’s house and enters the house and realizes that Damla is waiting for her boyfriend. .

Damla is shocked to see her husband in her house and generations to prove her husband’s betrayal to Damla.

Damla walks with trembling steps and opens it. Generations also stare at the half-open door from afar. But it is not clear whether what is meant is behind the door and everything will be revealed or something else is going to happen.

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Murad probably noticed the pursuit of the generations and entered Damla’s house, and in order to dispel the generations’

suspicions, he sent someone else to Damla’s house instead of himself and introduced him as his boyfriend.

Damla also realizes Murad’s plan and is forced to play a role.

In this way, generations return home with longer arms and legs

So far, generations have been a little skeptical of suspicious relationships at home.

Murad continues his dual relationship with Damla and the generations.

Damla also entered their lives step by step, and in the meantime, the role of the house worker should not be overlooked.
Murad’s little girl is impressed by Damla. This is an issue that bothers Murad.

Murad gives the necessary warnings to Damla.

In a meeting with Damla, Shahika asks about her family history,

Iyilik Episode 3 English Subtitles
Iyilik Episode 3 English Subtitles

Iyilik dizisi 3 bolum
Iyilik dizisi 3 bolum

this time the generations try to cover up the story.

Damla says she lost her parents when she was little.


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