İyilik Episode 4 With English Subtitle


Generations are shocked to see Murad at Damla’s house and ask him to explain.

Damla is quick to point out that Murad came to fight with him because he blamed him for engaging the minds of generations.

Generations are angry that Murad did that.

However, he is convinced and does not doubt what is meant.

The next day, Murad is still annoyed with the generations for believing the photo’s story and argues with the generations that the mother of the generations has done so and does not attend.

İyilik Episode 4 With English Subtitle
İyilik Episode 4 With English Subtitle

Shortly afterward, Shahika went to Murad’s house and asked him not to confuse personal and work issues and to join the company. After Murad leaves, the generations go to Damla and say that he has bad feelings and is suspicious of Murad.

Damla suggests that he check Murad’s phone. Then he says that it is better to go to the company in order to show himself in front of everyone and be more purposeful.


Generations accept and go to the company. Damla quickly calls Murad and asks him to come to her main house to see each other. He deliberately does not want to see the generations in Murad’s company to doubt him more. At Damla’s house, Murad says that generations have suspected him and that he is going to check his phone. Damla wants Murad to clear everything and have a hidden phone to communicate with. Murad accepts.

Nasliyan goes to the company and when he does not see Murad, he is surprised and nervous and calls him. Murad quickly brings himself to the company.

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After attending, Nesliyan goes to the Cora seminar. There, like everyone else, she secretly describes her problem on paper and writes that she feels her husband is betraying her.

Coray realizes that it is the paper of generations from the paper number.

In the backyard, Damla is painting with Nahir and trying to talk to him.‌ Nahir says she is upset by last night’s fight between her parents. Damla suggests that he sleep with them every night so that they can fight. Nahir accepts.
When Murad goes home, generations check his phone and he is relieved.

Murad secretly goes to the toilet and calls Damla with his other phone. Aishil notices this and fits. He calls Shahika and informs her that he has another phone and is hiding in the toilet.

The company secretary went to Shahika and reported that he had found out that Damla’s uncle had worked for their company two years ago. Shahika is surprised.

And he asks Murad sarcastically about this. Murad says he was not aware of the case. He calls Damla, who was waiting for him to come, and says that Shahika has suspected them and has certainly said something to the generations.

Murad wants to go to Damla’s house, but realizes that generations are following him.

He loses his trace so that generations will not appear. Then he calls Damla and tells her about it. Damla asks the neighbor’s son to come to their house and play the role of her boyfriend so that she does not doubt him if the generations come. Generations go to Damla’s house and see her boyfriend, she is relieved.

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After the generation leaves, Damla goes to her uncle’s workshop and asks him not to say anything if anyone asks about Damla.
Because of Murad’s progress in the company, they have organized a celebration and everyone is there.

Damla also goes to the ceremony with the generations. Damla’s uncle goes to the ceremony so that he can talk to Murad and be silent. Damla is shocked to see her uncle and tries to send him out. He then goes to Murad and asks him to come into the hall to talk.
Shahika comes to the pre-generational ceremony and the generations say with confidence that there is nothing between Murad and Damla. Shahika sarcastically tells the generations about Murad’s secret phone. Generations fit. He immediately saw Damla and Murad going to the hall and chasing them.

In the hall, Damla anxiously tells Murad that his uncle is asking them for money so that he does not say anything to Shahika. Murad hugs and comforts her and says that he will fix the matter. Then he kisses Damla. Generations see this scene from afar and are shocked.

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