İyilik Episode 6 With English Subtitle


In the company, Sinan fights with Shahika for hiding that he was the child of his father’s mistress, and angrily leaves Shahika’s room. Shahika goes to Murad’s room and tells him that he must leave the company.

Murad says that Shahika can not get him out so easily, because then Murad will destroy him as well.

Murad was called from the hospital and informed that Nasliyan had had an accident.

Murad goes to the hospital quickly. He finds out that Damla and his generation were in the same car.

They are generally well and still unconscious.

Murad asks the nurses to take each of them to a separate room.

Shortly afterwards, Shahika arrives at the hospital.

Damla is upset that Murad did not come to her and is for generations.

The nurse has an ultrasound of Damla and says that the baby is fine.

Generations tell Murad that he has learned that Damla is pregnant.

Murad says that Damla’s pregnancy does not matter to him and he wants his family and asked Damla to have an abortion. Shahika enters the room and they end the discussion.

Angry, Sinan fights and beats a man in the street.

He goes to Cora last night.

Murad takes the generations home. Damla keeps in touch with Murad.

Murad answers and asks him to give up and leave his life. After the call is cut off, Damla gets nervous and starts screaming.

The nurses come in and try to calm him down. Damla bleeds and her baby has an abortion.

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Cora goes to Murad’s house with Sinan to see the generation Cora.

Sinan gets nervous when he sees Shahika at Murad’s house and argues with her. It also means seeing a blind spot.

Coray finds out that Damla has also had an accident with generations.

Murad sarcastically tells Cora that he knows he is waiting for generations to separate from him so that Cora can go to the generations, but he is blind.

Coray gets very angry at Murad’s words. He goes to the hospital in Damla and says that he is ready to help him separate the generations. She also notices that Damla’s baby has been aborted. Damla asks him not to tell anyone.

The next day, Nasliyan goes to Damla’s house to see Damla and learn about her condition.

He tells Damla that he is getting a divorce. Damla is happy and then shows her generation the baby room she has prepared. As soon as Murad went to the hospital, he called the generations and informed them that Damla’s baby had been aborted. Generations are very angry that Damla cheated on him again and argue with Damla.

Then he says that he will not divorce Murad. He goes from there and calls Murad and says that he will not divorce her and Murad can go to the company. Murad is happy.

Damla goes to Coray and says that Murad and generations have found out about her abortion.

Cora has a plan and explains it to Damla.

Damla goes to Murad’s house. Generations can not get him out of the house because of the children and he is greedy.

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Shortly afterwards, Jalila Khanum, Murad’s mother, goes to Murad’s house to visit the generations due to an accident.

When Murad goes home, he somehow drives Damla out of the house.

He then goes to Damla’s house with a real estate consultant and says that he has put the house up for sale and gives the money to Damla to leave. Damla inevitably accepts his words.

Murad goes home and happily tells the generations that they will get rid of Damla.

According to the plan, Damla goes to the address that Coray sent him.

A month later, Sinan is scheduled to go home with the girl he fell in love with, and they are invited to dinner.

Generations are happy to see their future bride. Murad and the generations are shocked to see Damla next to Sinan.

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