İyilik Series Episode 7 Engilish Subtitles


Before Damla and Sinan go to Murad’s house, Damla tells Sinan that he knows the owners of the house and has been friends with the generations before. She explains the story to Sinan, but says that she was in a relationship with the husband of one of her friends and that is why she got into trouble with the generations who disagreed.

At the door, Nasliyan and Murad are shocked to see Damla next to Sinan. Sinan goes ahead and says that he knows everything himself, but he wants Damla and they should respect his choice and the generations should be good with Damla.

Generations and Murad understand that Damla did not tell Sinan everything, but they do not bring anything to Sinan because he has just had a difficult month and Generations do not want Sinan to be hit again.

Sinan gets drunk at the dinner table and fights with Murad because he ruined his life. He then suggests staying in the guest suite tonight. Damla agrees to be greedy.

The next day, Shahika goes to Murad’s house worried that Nasliyan had not answered her calls.

He gets angry when he sees Damla as Sinan’s girlfriend and fights with her. Sinan is also angry and says that he intends to marry Damla. He asks Damla to come and go.

Generations who find out that Damla and Sinan have seen and met each other in Cora’s office call Cora to go home. Coray goes there and pretends not to know that Damla has become Sinan’s girlfriend.

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He tells Nasliyan and Shahika that the best thing to do is to be good with Sinan so that Damla is in front of their eyes so that they can understand to Sinan that Damla is not a suitable girl for him. Nasliyan calls Sinan and asks him to come to the company to talk.

Nasliyan, Shahika and Korai will participate. In the meantime, Murad calls Damla to visit her at the hotel.

He fights in the hotel because of Damla, and says that he knows that Damla still loves her and is with Sinan to make her greedy.

Damla denies such a thing in order to make it more greedy.

On the way, Sinan regrets not taking Damla with him and goes back to the hotel to take Damla to the company so that his family can apologize to him. Damla quickly hides the object in the room.

Sinan asks Damla to be present. He then proposes to Damla. Damla agrees to be greedy. Murad hears their words and gets nervous.

Damla and Sinan go to the company. Nejati, Damla’s uncle, who went to the company to find out about Murad, sees Damla with Sinan from a distance and realizes that Sinan is the son of the president of the company.

At the company, Nasliyan pulls Damla aside and tells him that he knows very well that Damla intends to get what he wants and that it is not possible for him to marry Sinan. They move forward, and Sinan tells Shahika, Koray, and the generations that he and Damla want to get married. Shahika is surprised and nervous.

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But Nasliyan deliberately says that he agrees and it is even better that the wedding party be held the day after tomorrow and he prepares it himself.

Nejati calls Damla and says that he knows that this time he is with the son of the president of the company and he has to arrange something for her, otherwise he tells Sinan and Shahika about the relationship between Damla and Murad. Damla inevitably accepts. He tells Sinan that his friend’s father needs a job and that it would be better to hire him as a driver.

At the company, Shahika asks her assistant to investigate and inform her about Damla’s uncle. Shahika’s assistant gives her the rescue file and Shahika sees her photo.

Damla calls Cora and angrily says that the generations have been informed of her plan and that is why she insists on marrying her and Sinan. Coray asks him to do everything he can to draw Murad to himself.

On the day of the wedding, Murad calls Aaron, Nasliyan’s father and Shahika’s ex-husband, and informs him that Sinan wants to marry a worthless girl and asks her to come to the wedding ceremony in the evening and prevent this from happening.

In the evening, all the guests gather in the courtyard of Murad and Nasliyan’s house and Damla and Sinan come to the ceremony. After the dance, Murad secretly takes Damla behind the house and argues with her over her decision to marry Sinan. Cora secretly films them. Shahika sees Nejati as Sinan’s driver and is shocked. He goes to the yard and wants to tell Sinan that he is Damla’s cousin.

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At that moment, Aaron comes to the ceremony and Shahika, Nasliyan and Sinan are shocked to see him. Shahika faints and falls into the pool.

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