İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitle

Generations are shocked to see Murad kissing Damla. She goes to the bathroom and cries.

Then he comes to himself and returns to his mother.

Murad goes to the generations and asks him to be with him for the lecture.

Generations try not to bring anything on themselves.

After the speech, he leaves the ceremony on the pretext that he is not feeling well.

He first goes to his sister’s soil and feels sorry for her. Then he goes home.

He goes to Murad’s second phone in the bathroom and sees Murad and Damla’s love messages and gets nervous.

When Shahika goes home, her son Sinan has returned from abroad and is at home.

Shahika complains that Sinan did not come to their ceremony.

He wants to go to the generation of generations.

Shahika stops him and says that the middle of the generations is not good and it is better not to go there.

Sinan says he is going to Cora.

Murad goes to Damla’s house after the ceremony.

İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitle
İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitleq
İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitle
İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitle
İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitle
İyilik Episode 5 With English Subtitle

He tells Damla that he has talked to his uncle and is going to pay him so that he does not say anything about his acquaintance with Murad. Shortly afterwards, Nasliyan calls Murad and asks him to go home quickly.

Murad gets worried and goes home. Generations want Murad to get in the car. Then he goes to the road. He stops the car and gets off. Generations say they saw him and Damla kissing. He then shows him Murad’s secret phone. Murad is shocked and embarrassed and tries to justify. Generations leave Murad on the road and go by car.

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He calls Damla and says that he wants to see her and asks Damla to come to his house in their place.


Damla calls Murad, but Murad’s phone is left in the car and he does not answer.

Damla goes to the generation. Generations tell him that he has noticed the betrayal, but he does not know who the girl is.

He then asks Damla how long she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend. Damla says two years.

At that moment, Murad texted Damla on his personal phone in his car to return home, saying that generations had understood everything. Damla is shocked and brings it to their generations. Generations angrily ask Damla to leave quickly.

Murad goes home and sleeps in the hall at night.

The next day, Nasliyan argues with Murad and says that he wants to divorce her.

Nahir hears their words and faints. They take Nahir to the hospital.

Shahika and Sinan go to Murad’s house. Nasliyan and Murad take Nahir home.

Generations tell Shahika that Murad has betrayed her and intends to divorce her. He says that for the sake of the children, he should raise this issue little by little so that Nahir is not harmed again.

Damla takes a pregnancy test at home and finds out she is pregnant.

Sinan goes to Cora. Damla, who is meeting with Cora, goes to his office. Sinan sees Damla and likes her. In the treatment room, Damla tells Cora that she has intentionally betrayed generations and is pregnant with Murad. Then he says that he knows that the blindness of the generations has its skin and it is better for them to help each other to achieve their desires.

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At the company, Shahika tells Murad that from now on, Sinan is going to take her place. Murad gets angry and says that he has worked for that company for several years. Damla calls Murad and wants to see him. Murad, who no longer wants to be with Damla, says he is only coming to say goodbye. She went to Damla and was shocked to hear that she had had an abortion. Then he leaves angrily.

Murad returns to the company and notices Shahika’s meeting to introduce Sinan to the staff. After the meeting, he goes to Shahika and Sinan and tells Sinan sarcastically that he is the son of a woman with whom Nasliyan’s father had betrayed Shahika. Sinan is shocked.

Generations call Damla and want to see her. They put each other together and Generations ride Damla. Along the way, Damla tells the generations that she is intentionally pregnant. Generations are shocked and distracted. They collide with another car.

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