Jadugar Part 1


The events of the Wizard series take place in unknown times and places. Any similarity in name, place and time in this series has been completely coincidental.

The series begins with a police chase. Police plan to arrest someone in Tehran.

There are a lot of scrap passports in Toyota that are being torn down and torn.

Torn passports are thrown out. Police say do not throw rubbish outside.

Javad Razavian and Ahmad Mehranfar are criminals. Forged passports.

It seems that a woman was an agent and a swallow and they were exposed through her.

The result of the chase is to leave the car. Ghodrat (Ahmad Mehranf) got stuck in the car and Javad Razavian came out. The police arrive too.

The series begins.

We are going south.

We see that the power with a different appearance has grown a beard and is on the bus. A girl sees him. He sneezes and his mustache falls off.

We meet a boy who is twisting a girl and going south with another girl. In his bag is a lot of gold. He sees its power under his eyes.

The next scene we see is that gold is missing. Men and women are looking for it.

Finally, the bus is supposed to go to the checkpoint. Power pushes the sucker out of fear, and we see a lot of evidence of that. The others brought their bags to find out who had the gold. Not found.

Power decides to tell the lady where the gold is. Tells the story to the woman.

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A man whose name is Uhud. She is engaged to a girl and they want to go home and live for another three months. Then, when he hears a voice message on the phone from the other girl, Ahmad Lou goes and the story gets dirty.
He is taken off the bus and left.

The girl wants to give one of the golds to the power as a thank you.

He thought he was a witch.

They reach the pier. They board the ship.

On the way, the girl they saw on the bus and who knew about the mustache story wants to sit next to the power. He describes the intelligence of power and says that I liked what you did and I fell in love with you. Your love is sitting in my heart!

In the cafe of the restaurant on the way, I saw you at that moment, one heart, not one hundred hearts, I saw a boy’s fortune teller standing. When the name of the checkpoint came up, you turned pale and the wind was about to take your mustache. He points to one of the passports. It still has.

The honorary power of the famous Jaa, along with Jahangir Firoozani, who plundered other people’s property, especially the elderly women, fled. The girl wants a gold necklace

Jadugar Serial Part 1
Jadugar Serial Part 1

as a right of silence.

The girl says my ex-fiancé was a scammer like you.

I left with the creditors. I’m going to smuggle him tonight. Sarah, the girl who gave the gold, also tells the adventures to her mother when she arrives on the island.

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Power’s reputation as a fortune teller or wizard on the island is complex. He sold the gold and shared it with the girl.

The captain is sitting at a party with a girl and has a secret affair.

A boy comes and tells the story of Sarah.

The captain is Sarah’s father.

There has been a fortune teller before and there have been problems.

A captain sent the children to him to have a meeting about the incident.

Power reaches a strange house with wandering spirits. He eats his foot and a shovel is thrown at him and he faints.

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