jadugar Serial Part 3

The story goes back to the scene of Toyota Scrap being left behind.

The police arrive and arrest him, saying that he is not his accomplice and that he has escaped.

The clash takes place in the street, the police tie the defendant’s hand with the handcuffs to the car handle and go to the scene of the clash, he opens the handcuffs and escapes.

The film starts and goes south, in a meeting of the captain who does not know what to do, he asks the people to decide to take out the napkin, hand it over to the police or let him work there.

There are three groups of people, some who agree with handing over to the police, some who believe that he did not do anything to be handed over to the police, and some who agree that one of the captains spoke to him and understood what he was talking about.

The third option is accepted.

Jahangir goes to the house of a woman named Mitra.

The old lady, who had previously snatched thirty million from him and then left him, explains the reason for his distance from his dependence.

Jahangir pretends not to stay and leaves. The woman shows off her property and Jahangir decides to stay. He replaces power and the movie scene goes to power.

Power wakes up to the sound of a hammer hitting Samad Khaleh’s stick. He is scared and tries to escape. Samad says that he is the son of a landlord and since he has the power of a fortune teller, tell him whether he will become wise and rich or not?

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Power says, if the rising sun takes the right side of its belly and goes and never returns.

He accepts and leaves. Power watches him go out the window and says he should go too soon.

Captain Sohrab leaves his house on a motorbike after his girlfriend checks that there is no one, and catches him before he leaves. He says that Sarah’s father is the girl he saved and he should talk to her.

He says that according to the wishes of the people, he should leave, because the people tell their secrets to the narrator and the narrator reveals it, and it causes discord among the people.

Ghodrat says that Ramal is like Dr. Muharram, the secret of the people, but he himself wanted to leave.

Sohrab says that while he is secretive and doing something for his honor story, the power asks him to close his eyes and recite the so-called word with a handkerchief, wipe the lipstick on his neck and says, it is over and from now on.

He can easily go to the girl and his wife does not smell Halima. But when he wants to leave, Sohrab stops him, gives him a business card and money, and wants to be his personal purse.

Jahangir is having fun at Mitra’s house when he notices that Mitra’s four sons are returning home after winning the World Boxing Championships.

According to Sohrab’s words, the great captain tells the people that power has ceased to work and he has left the world and has come there to rest, he has nothing to do with them, if someone goes to him, it is his own cream.

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But the people came to power one after another, and he earns a living by delivering furs such as eat warm, do not eat pepper, eat whale instead of fish, stay home on Friday night, and so on.

Jahangir meets Mitra’s boys, throws himself in the pool, but can not escape from them.

Ghodrat contacts Sohrab and wants to take him to the other side of the water to buy a towel. On the ship, Mendel introduces himself as a power, and Sohrab wants the bee (his girlfriend) to be with him when he is about to read the palm of his hand.
They go to the market, get the tools and come back.

On the other hand, Mitra, who thinks that Jahangir is a doctor, brings his belongings and asks why he is forging a document?
Jahangir says the drug is not on the market, the ultimate prescription for doctors is amber and violet oil. He has to forge a document to earn money.

Mitra wants to leave so that her sons do not set her on fire, Jahangir cheers and Mitra wants to leave his property and go with him, but Jahangir stops him.

Mitra gives him money and says that Jahangir will come to his house again after the boys go to overseas competitions.
Power is busy with its new tools when someone comes to his house and surprises him.

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