Jadugar Serial Part 7


After the police, Rah-e Karim and Shakib are waiting in women’s clothes. The old woman asks Perry to ride them.

When they see that there is no news about Khalil and Jalil, they think that they have boarded the car by mistake and get off.

Safdar called Shakib and Karim and said that they had stolen the car and that they should follow the car. They saw an engine and stole it.

The movie begins. Perry goes to the address given by the old woman and enters a historical village, Karim and Shakib chase after them and get stuck in the mud.

They saw a van, got into it, then threw the driver out and tied him up with a rope, then threw down his coat and scarf and drove off.

The fairy brings the old women and asks them what to do now?

The old woman thanks him and says to go, Perry asks to take the car?

And the old woman says to change her butt. Because he is not well.

Power asks from behind the car What happened? And Perry says either they were not, or the plan has changed, they have to leave the car somewhere and go, then he asks if they have money and the power and Jahangir give a negative answer.

Perry walks around, the old woman says to take them to the road, because it is not a napkin and goes to ten others, Perry asks Ramal takes money and the old woman says yes, she gets a million for her pain, like her sister, Perry says because she needs treatment too , Goes after the napkin, to find and bring him.

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Peri unloads Jahangir to go to Ramal’s house from the roof, then puts the power in the car and returns.

Power recites a poem and says that the door should be opened, Jahangir opens the door from behind and the people who were waiting are surprised.

People are sitting in the yard waiting, and Perry is sitting among them and listening to their problems.

Power meets the two old women and writes a prayer for them, Jahangir enters and wants to hit the old woman in the brain, but Power says they will not work for her because they have no money.

Perry empowers clients through the airpad they remove from the corpse pocket.

Karim and Shakib find the car and see Houshang’s body in it, they call Safdar and ask, what should they do because it is locked in the car? And Safdar says to wait for him to come.

According to Perry, the power first recounts the problems of the clients, then tells them nonsense, and they mentally take his words from him and give him money. Jahangir also takes out the horseshoes and gives them to Ashanti.

Perry, Power and Jahangir are counting the money that Safdar reaches with his people, he sees the car and asks, who dared to steal his car? He sent Jalil, Khalil and Shakur to the wall and they stood behind the door with Shakib and Karim.

Jahangir sees them on the wall and tells them to flee, Perry opens the door and Safdar appears in front of him and Jahangir, puts on the power of a flowery tent and runs away from behind, he gets in the car and leaves when they shoot at him.

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To pick up Houshang’s weapon, he jumps on him and Houshang regains consciousness and does not know where he is.

Power says he has revived him and has the ability to turn the rest of them into anything. He says he needs these dolls.

At night, a lady comes with the driver and sees Safdar on the side of the street.

To win.

All three are then anesthetized.

They enter a mansion and the movie ends.

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