Jeiran Serial Part 9 – Trailer


Prediction and analysis instead of teasers

The Naser al-Din Shah Qajar committed a great tradition and, contrary to all court rites, took the neighbors to the hunting ground, but the Shah did not know that the neighbors’s insistence was that he intended to prevent Siavash’s stupidity by plotting against the Shah.

But among the women of the marriage and the concubines of the king, a pipe was set up. They admire the neighbors’ work. To the extent that the upper nursery is used to prevent defamation to return this water to the atmosphere.

In the hunting ground, the king and his neighbors have fun, and this increases Siavash even more. We see until midnight that Siavash decides to kill the king. But the neighbor, who knew Siavash, stopped him at the last moment and told him that if you killed the king, the other guards would kill you and I would die away from you.

That is why Siavash asks him to run away. He opposes and says that if I run away, the king will massacre his parents and the villagers. Siavash comes short and is currently waiting for his request.

The upper cradle decides to kill the neighbor to keep the harem out of chaos. One of the guards decides to kill his neighbor on the orders of Mahd Olya. But Siavash realizes the case and is killed by Siavash just when this guard is deployed. With this work, Siavash kills Mahdalia in the skin of a walnut;

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