Jenabe Ali Serial Part 1


Three people are sitting at a table with shampoo in front of them. Somewhere like a barn full of cardboard boxes. Two people have come. Interviewing someone sitting in the front seat. His family name is excellent and his father’s name is Mansour Khan.


The other person jumps in the middle of his speech. They have to weigh him. Height and other information are taken from him. When they hear that he is 181 tall, they call a guard named Ashkboos. Apparently under 183 did not want.ا

The series begins.

They do not have employment under 183 in any way. This is reported to people waiting to be hired.
Someone is selling next to them. Each height, 10 thousand tomans. People are attacking. They are also advised to go, maybe their height was wrong. They have to pay 50,000 Tomans and get a height certificate. The boy says I’m not lying. He shouts and walks away.

In the next scene, Amir Ali Aali is in the club. In another scene in the bakery, a baker is trying to create a culture about not using plastic bags. Fighting. The landlord comes and fights him.

In a cafe, we see him sitting with a girl named Nazanin, writing a letter to a member of parliament. He says do not be evil. The girl says go look for work. We find out that the bakery belongs to his father. Finally, he announces that he has found a temporary job at the club. The bill that they bring the boy complains about why you take VAT and hang out with the cafe, the girl runs away and fights and she is kicked out. Nazanin goes in a taxi and the boy follows her on a motorcycle. The taxi driver thinks he is a nuisance.

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In a house with a boy named Babak, they are peeling eggs, and apparently his sister Mercede is having an affair with a boy they love. He wants to start a club café. The boy does not have a steady job (Babak) and wants his sister.

They make a covenant to get along. Next, we see that they have gone to borrow eggs, milk and these.
They start a club café and hope to get a job. They look at the city in the evening. They remember putting the lions out of the fridge or not turning on the fridge.
When they come to the club, they are arrested in the club of Plumb and the owner of the club. The police ask them, “Where is the warehouse of counterfeit medicines?”

Amir Ali’s father, whose daughter’s name is also Mercedes, is watching the Mercedes-Benz documentary. It is named after anyone who does not have a lamp on it and has it. Amir Ali arrives.
Amir Ali walks around on a motorcycle with his father at night and says that it has become my tool. Hired a health company that owns personal picomotors. It is the first company in the series. In the middle of his work, while delivering cargo, one of his friends sees Dr. Zand, who is also a pizza courier.
A mutual friend is another doctor who works in a supermarket.

They are sitting in a cafe again. Introducing his work, he says that raw materials are designed in Manhattan, but raw materials are produced in Toronto. It is then sent to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which becomes a product but is sent to Doha. They take it and send it to Dubai. Packaging is done there and sent to the company’s office in Barg Alley, Jomhory St., Nawab. Nawab Metro. That our company is in the basement. Excellently packaged and ribboned products with the company’s perfume cologne and checklist, I deliver to the people I order and return. Its traditional name is courier.
The girl’s parents are waiting outside to see if her job is done or if they agree to marry her. And well, because it did not, Nazanin says we can not continue.
The girl informs her parents that it did not happen. He gets upset and goes out.

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The girl’s mother and father sit in front of her. His father says, “Imagine you are sitting at the wedding table next to Nazanin. One of the people is found and says, ‘Mr. Karimi, what is your son-in-law’s job?’ Answer: Doctor of Communication Sciences. They ask how much is the groom’s monthly income and salary? Amir Ali Aali says tell him what does it have to do with you?

Nazanin’s mother says kill me and go.

Now it is the other way around. Amir Ali says that Nazanin and I were doing everything we could. Think we found our favorite job and came to our house and built it with our teeth. When her eyes are closed, the girl’s parents leave and the bar owner puts the bill in front of her.
When he enters the grocery store, he is kicked out because he could not pay his debts.

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