Jenabe Ali Serial Part 10


Amir Ali says they do not want to let me do my job. Nazanin says play a role now, tomorrow you have to play a role in front of the nation. Slowly, it starts here. This method is a child’s play in a ministry whose job is to coordinate a country.

At the same time, someone is showing the opening of a carrot machine in the cafe, if the minister helps and clears the customs of this machine.

When he goes to the grocery store, everyone is happy. The grocer also resets his financial account to zero. He finds out that someone has come and introduces himself to his wife’s relatives who want to go to court and recognizes his grocer. Amir Ali wants to know what he looked like?

Amir Ali is busy with morning exercise at the ministry. done. Amir Ali goes to the one who has not exercised. He is watching a movie in the archive section. Farrokh is a fan. Hamid Gorji was ordered not to travel without his permission.

Georgia has not been here for a long time. There is talk of Oyama, the founder of Kiakushin, who took a picture of himself in the room. The story goes to the sport that comes from because I was not allowed to go out by the Georgians and I exercised here. He also has a doctorate in communications. They become friends. They will be together for .7 pm.

Amir Ali is asking the Georgian why he is there. The answer is that he has a deviant moral problem. He has severe mental and emotional problems and may harm himself and others. Amir Ali wants his case.

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Amir Ali has decided to appoint Farrokh Mustaan ​​as his deputy. Amir Ali has decided to take over the Georgians with Babak and Mustaan.

In a private meeting, Mustaan ​​says we have 431 extra troops and more Georgians than specialists.

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