Jenabe Ali Serial Part 12


Georgians are drawing in the circle.

It is said that the name and surname are mouth-watering and they are going to make a letter from the environment to seal the factory.

They come to the minister and claim that 20% of Tehran’s pollution is related to this factory.
Amir Ali Aali requests a meeting in the presence of environmental officials.

Georgia tries not to need a meeting and seduces him to give the order himself.
Proposal is responsible for archiving movie screenings for employees.

The ministerial candidate is waiting in his room. Amir Ali wants Nazanin to be a journalist so that if you see any problems in my work, you can inform the people!

Nazanin asks do you have time to go to the cinema? Amir Ali tells him the news of the screening of the film. They are supposed to go and see here in the ministry.

Suddenly the Georgians arrive and say that 1 hour ago the paste factory was sealed by your order and you are the first person in charge to solve part of the pollution in the capital.

Professor Pirhadi complained and came and said, “How did you do this without consulting me?”

You laid off the workers. I want to tell you to go and open the factory. Amir Ali does not stop and says that expert opinions have been raised.

Nasrullah Radesh is brought to the room. They give up all their work and go to him.

A number of environmental pages on Instagram have praised the minister. Nazanin gives this news and says what do you want the workers to do? Amir Ali speaks of his own courage and determination.
Nazanin decides to follow the news and the lives of those workers.

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At the ministry, Professor Pirhadi says the pollution index has dropped since they did so. People fired at me when they saw me. Hopefully one day all your friends like me will be shot.

He also thanked the Georgians for their coordination and assistance. Pirhadi’s cell phone rings and the president is behind the line.

He gets worse and comes and informs Amir Ali that this is an administrative forgery and has no effect on the weather in Iran.

The father of toxic gas science himself called and said it was a joke and asked for a seal.

Georgian says that the factory was my favorite and because it has been beaten for 10 years, I did it in my head.

In consultation with Nazanin, Amir Ali is scheduled to record a video addressed to the people. Amir Ali sits in front of the camera and I apologize for his wrong decision that led to the closure of the paste factory.

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