Jenabe Ali Serial Part 3


Mr. Amir Ali Aali is having dinner with his family members. His father says Hashem Agha and his mother says that Mahin Khanum called me. Nazanin has also contacted Mercede.

His father says do not think about marriage until you find the right job. Merced says that with this education, are you really a motor courier?

Amir Ali searches the internet at night and does not find any results. Tomorrow he is riding a motorcycle and Babak tells him that we must leave Iran. Amir Ali says, “Then why did you object 5 years ago when I wanted to go to Italy to study?”

When they are behind the lights with the engine, someone with a stylish car stands next to them and tells them not to look at the car. Do not look under the eyes. Do not even think about this car. The window behind the car comes down and says Amir Ali? She hugs him. His bodyguards are guarding the gun. The driver starts and stops. The teacher invites him and they get in the car.

They review university memories. Professor Assistant to the President for Youth Affairs. He tells Amir Ali many times that you should not be unemployed. It takes his heart right away. Eating carrot juice makes you feel better. “Every time my heart hurts, I drink carrot juice and I feel great,” he says.

Babak is nearby. He argues with the guards over the fact that they did not take the carrot juice factor.

At home, Amir Ali’s parents are making carrot juice, which he enters with sweets and announces his meeting with Pirhadi.

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Tomorrow morning, Amir Ali and Babak both go to his office, in front of which people are gathering and protesting against the unemployment of graduates. Babak enters the crowd.
Then, when Amir Ali went to the professor’s office, he said 20 times that you should not be unemployed. And he repeats all his needs again.

He draws up a plan and says it is the Ministry of Coordination. In his dissertation, Amir Ali focused on coordination. Are you going to work in the coordination ministry or not? Amir Ali’s question is official or contractual? Does it have insurance? The answer is yes. His suggestion is to head the Ministry of Coordination!

Shortly afterwards, Amir Ali is busy planning when he sees an officer sweeping the alley with water. He begins to advise her according to the water crisis.

Babak and Mercede go to the sandwich. Babak says that you are talking to Comrade Yekozir. Mercede says, “Do you have a friend besides my displaced brother?” Babak is afraid that his mouth will be loose.

He finally gives the news to Mercede. Mercede also tells the story with a shout.

Amir Ali and Nazanin meet at night. Nazanin sighs that at least your friend Babak went and shouted about his unemployment and went viral.

He arrives late for his son. His father, who wants to take out the garbage, gives it to him and says that you should stay up to 10 houses and follow the rules of my house.

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