Jenabe Ali Serial Part 4


Mercede, who was informed about the future post of Amir Ali through Babak, smoked Pecans for him and went to his room. “I gave you alms in the morning,” he says. I dreamed that you were going to the north-south Kurdistan highway on Baba’s motorbike when a garbage truck hit you.

His mother hears and his heart is troubled. Informs his mother and father. His father faints when Master Mirhadi calls him.

At night, Nazanin is at the door and in the car. He asks am I a stranger? Amir Ali says you left. Nazanin understands that she has become a minister and asks, “Should I not know?” Amir Ali calls him John. Amir Ali says I will not become a minister. Nazanin says, “Well, I love you.” I am. Maybe it was a flip to me. Amir Ali says you broke me. Remember the movies of the 60’s? In most of them, there were two dialogues that were used: You are a burnt nut. Finish this popular show.

At the end of the alley, his uncle says, “Push the car,” and congratulates him on his new job. Amir Ali thinks that he has news of his new job, but he only knows the story of his motor courier.

Amir Ali’s parents make sweets all over the place and give the news to everyone. At night, his mother offers him a bodyguard. Do not let anything get in the way of 20:30 news that I do not like at all. There is nothing you can do to hurt the president. You become unemployed, you fall into my heart. If you saw a protest rally at one time, it is as if you did not hear or see anything. Do not take any of these provincial trips, for my heart goes a thousand ways until you come. The other is that you do not want to become president.

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In a meeting with many people, he is told that we checked the record. You are a responsible person. Master Mirhadi praises him. Amir Ali writes his conditions in a folder and presents them to people. They are surprised by this.

At the sandwich shop, Babak complains that he offered such conditions and was not accepted. He says if you were going to resign, you would become a hero. Didn’t you see the slogan of Maidan, the incompetent minister, resigning?

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