Jenabe Ali Serial Part 5


In short, what we have seen so far is a sign that Amir Ali is going to the ministry, but there is a condition.

Upon entering the neighborhood, Amir Ali was greeted by the locals and celebrated by him on the occasion of his appointment as Minister.

His father is also scheduled to speak. Amir Ali,’s father, who did not have a good relationship with him before, is now distorting their family history and positioning himself as a motivating element for him. His mother also congratulates him on becoming a minister. His photos have also been posted on doors and walls. They ask the locals to write their letters and submit their requests to Amir Ali.

Jenabe Ali Serial - Part 5
Jenabe Ali Serial – Part 5

They have brought a local dance group and are playing instruments and dancing in the yard. Nazanin and her parents have also come to the yard and clapped their hands and enjoyed seeing their son-in-law, who is supposed to be the minister. When it comes to Amir Ali’s speech, he says I am satisfied with everyone, but I have a complaint about Babak. Apparently refused to become a minister. Babak secretly tries to convince him. Everyone understands and starts blaming him.

Amir Ali’s father takes the others out and is alone with him in the kitchen. They slap him in the ear.

Amir Ali goes out and follows him on Nazanin Street.

Nazanin tells him that I am the only one who does not want you to become a minister. Amir Ali says you have left my life. what are you saying? Amir Ali tells Nazanin about his conditions. Just as they are talking, a resident comes to him about his military problem. Nazanin also says go in front of me. But without this, if you make a mistake, I am the opposite!

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Master Mirhadi says that I guaranteed you and accept. Opportunity may not come again. Amir Ali decides and wears the uniform of the ministry.

He is taken to a hairdresser and a suit is bought for him, and Amir Ali’s brigade is fully administered and sent to his ministry with greetings.

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