Jenabe Ali Serial Part 7


Jenabe Ali  serial will be broadcast on Telewebion.
His mother then watched the television broadcast and hear the news about her son. But the mother is not alone. All the relatives and even Nazanin’s parents and even Amir Ali himself are sitting.

Amir Ali’s father gets the egg. Eventually the report begins and everyone in the ministry is interviewed except Amir Ali himself.

Tomorrow, Amir Ali complains and wants to fire some people, forbids the director from making a documentary without permission, and makes Babak his only advisor.

Nazanin came as the minister’s candidate and apologized to him for bothering him for so long. Has come to say that you have chosen a dangerous job. Amir Ali says I have guards everywhere. Nazanin says I mean that this job and these things are in you

Does our relationship not affect and distance? Amir Ali says that I do not have a moment to think about you. At this moment, someone is taking pictures of the privacy of the minister and Nazanin.

Hamid Gorji, who comes out and his opponents gather in the coffee shop and coordinate to beat the minister. One suggests assassination, but they argue that they have no power to assassinate, only embezzlement, and so on. The decision is made to assassinate the character. According to research at the meeting

They then conclude that the minister still has a contract with the previous company as a motor courier. And having two jobs is also forbidden!

The cosmetics company is invited to a meeting with the minister (and of course a surprise!) To discuss and coordinate the smuggling of cosmetics.

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The manager of the cosmetics company knows Amir Ali and says that we still have a contract with him. Amir Ali Aali confirms.

Amir Ali says that if there is a problem for your company during this period, I will pay damages. ل

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