Jenabe Ali Serial Part 9

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dr.Pirhadi says that he should not disturb the situation of the ministry and reconcile with the Georgians, because his ministry has not yet issued a decree, he can attack them after he becomes a minister.

Amir Ali is sitting with Babak in his office when Hamid Gorji and one of his successors come to him. Amir Ali tells him that he has praised himself a lot but has not done anything.

Hamid says that his heart is made of glass and he Amir Ali says that he should not talk about despair in this room and if he has anything to say about hope, Hamid happily puts a project on Amir Ali’s desk and says that this project is the construction of a solar power plant that It has already been started and if it is implemented, 2,000 young Iranians will go to work.

Amir Ali, who wants to solve the unemployment problem, promises to do whatever it takes to open the power plant.

Hamid’s successor says that only They need a small amount of money to complete the work. Babak asks that there should be no problem to visit the site of the power plant? The deputy says that they can go after lunch.

Amir Ali and Babak get in a van with Gorji and his successors and go to the desert to visit the solar power plant. They get off in the middle of the desert. Amir Ali says that the desert is empty and there is not even a wall.

Georgian successors say that All the talk has been done and only the construction work remains. At the same time, a bus stops and the reporters rush to Amir Ali and prepare a news report. They encourage him ‌.

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Some time later, Amir Ali is with Babak in his office when Hamid enters the office.

Amir Ali says that he was careful in front of the reporters and did not say anything, and if not, he understood his plans and knew that he wanted to knock him down. He is not a minister and has just been appointed head, but he has been the organization’s top advisor and carpenter for many years and is leaving

Amir Ali sits on a chair and shakes his head with his hands and says that he may resign from becoming a minister. Babak says that he did not understand the end of his father’s slapping.

ذAmir Ali explains that whenever he is at a crossroads, his father’s slaps make him make the right decision. Babak brings Amir Ali’s father to the ministry.

They are looking at Amir Ali from the CCTV camera and laughing at him.

Babak covers the CCTV camera and Amir Ali’s father slaps him on the face. Then he hugs him and says that he did not want to hit him.

Some time later, Amir Ali tells Babak that he must do something to make the Georgians afraid of him. Babak says there is something he can only trust and gather all the staff tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, Amir Ali will give a speech to the staff of the ministry and say that everyone must observe order, both in their actions and in their appearance. Meanwhile, Babak talks on the phone and laughs.

Amir Ali interrogates him in the middle of the speech. Is his official laughing? They argue and Amir Ali slaps Babak in the face and says that everyone should obey the law and leaves. The staff looks at Babak in horror and surprise while paying his respects They go.

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