Jeyran Serial Part 11


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We are witnessing the glorious courtship ceremony of Kazem, the son of Chancellor Nouri, from Malekzadeh, the sister of Naser al-Din Shah.

But they are likely to commit suicide.

Whether it is marriage or mourning, in two cases, the neighbors’ neighbors will be either engaged in the wedding or the mourning of the queen.

Opportunity to deal with neighbors is low.

The news of Nasser al-Din Shah’s neighbor’s pregnancy shocks everyone.
The value of the neighbors increases and now a potential king and crown prince enters the palace.

It is not unlikely that they want to destroy the neighbor’s child and even himself.

and what happened last time?

Siavash was returned from the hunting ground. After the bullet was fired and there was no bullet inside. The arrows were probably emptied by Salman.

In the picture, we see that Siavash is secretly drawing a map of the palace and the surrounding roads on paper with charcoal.

Mahd e Olya is weighing his coins when the prime minister arrives. The upper kindergarten asks what? He says we are far away and praying. The answer is that the distance is known but I doubt you are praying. The Aga Khan says that if you doubt that day is the day of the Aga Khan’s disgrace and death. Mahd e Olya says that with the murder of Amir Kabir and his evil, you have been completely transformed. The Aga Khan says, “My heart beats for the qibla of the world, but to please you, Queen of the World.”

Mahd Olya says that the qibla of the world was the qibla of the world before our union. We united to get a share of the fodder, but in practice, only one person benefited. Now that this dust has settled on the ground, all of Iran knows that there was no one but you. You hated both the shrine and the court and all the princes of the Qajar tribe. In every hole we touch, Surahdar Bashi is a member of the Prime Minister’s relatives. The whole country is dominated by the Nouri dynasty instead of the Qajar dynasty. Was this the fruit of the tree of unity?

Jeyran Serial Part 11
Jeyran Serial Part 11

The Aga Khan says that he had heard that you had fainted for no reason. Mirza Aga Khan, whoever and whatever he is, will be the servant of the threshold of your family forever. Mahd Olya says I will not pay you ransom anymore. The Aga Khan says that he thinks that if it is realized, the Nouri and Qajar dynasties can become comrades in war and peace, and be together inside and outside.

Mahd Olya says that I did not see any good in your company or in your company. But I’m eager to know what’s going on in your head.

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If I had not given birth to you, I would have doubted your origins. This is what Mahd Olya says to Malekzadeh. She is filling her head to get married. He talks about the poverty and disease of the peasants and that he is looking for someone among the courtiers. Malekzadeh says I have liver but blood from persecution. Mahd Olya says that whoever grabbed the arm with steel, his poor forearm hurt. Find a strong man. Hold it like a sword. I gave you to Amir by force, but that day there was no sword stronger than Amir. Malekzadeh’s answer is that except for the sword that cuts his neck. Mahd Olya says that the son of the Prime Minister will give you a winning sword. He says I do not want a sword and I do not want Mirza Kazem’s wife. Mahde Olya says, but if your brother realizes how much this benefits the family, he will give it to your husband quickly. Malekzadeh says Nasser Shah is not good. Not a good brother either. Like you are not a good mother, but you were not so zealous that you sent me to the house of my husband’s killer.

Malekzadeh consults with Taji. He says he has not talked to Nasser for some time. Now let me tell you what, I love you brother. Do not let me be the bride of Amir’s killer? It was a big mistake to be angry with Nasser and I turned a blind eye to him. Taji says that no one can be the opponent of Mahde Olya unless there is someone in the harem who really has a better word, but it is up to you to resort to villagers like him. “Neighbors,” says Malekzadeh.

Taj al-Dawla goes to Roshan Agha. He informs me that I have sent Malekzadeh to my neighbor. If he takes the side of the king, he will be angry with the king’s mother, and if he touches her chest, he will be angry with her.

Jeyran Serial Part 11
Jeyran Serial Part 11

Malekzadeh has gone to her neighbor. He asks Are you afraid of my mother? “I’m a newcomer, I do not know who to be afraid of,” says the neighbor. Malekzadeh talks about Amir Kabir, who fell in love with Amir.

He talks about Amirkabir’s patriotism and that he wanted everything in the world to be right in front of his eyes, not in his head. And that you must have grieved the peasants. I have two small children and I do not want to go under the control of their father’s killer. Would you help me? Neighbor says, of course, in my opinion. Malekzadeh says, “Then let me know.” And goes.

He calls Aziz Agha and says take some time away from Nasser al-Din Shah. He tries to dissuade her. At the same time, Glensa brings a piece of paper that the writing is convenient and it is better not to procrastinate.

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In the courtyard of the palace, Salman hits Siavash on the shoulder. He takes her underground and confronts the woman there. Is a neighbor.

Siavash says I was in a dungeon when I sent you to the cell. My hands were tied. I know that you gave me the humiliation to live because of me, but I was ready to die a thousand times and not see this, Khadijeh. Work is over, right? Neighbor says that I took you out of the hunting ground myself because it turned out that you had fantasies. I’m checking. Looking for a right time to run you away. Khadijeh says enough is enough. Why do you think Salman let you live? To kill the king or make me run away? سی Siavash is blind and deaf. You do not see what happened, you do not understand where you are? I have come to open my eyes and my flesh. If Salman let you live, it was because his blessing was good and I would not turn around. The king fell in love with his neighbor without knowing that he was Siavash. You and I, who have practiced love for a lifetime, know very well that a lover is not a sinner. LT is?

Jeyran Serial Part 11
Jeyran Serial Part 11

Siavash says, “So that’s our Kolbas, I saw my eyes and I wanted to?” What do you say, Khadijeh, that a lover is not a sin? The people of the village are more innocent than you and me. Do not let lust take revenge. Lives are wasted if we do not pour water on the fire of desire and do not accept our destiny. My star and you were not supposed to match. Siavash says that Khadijeh has changed her name. Has the form changed? ‌

Khadijeh says that Siavash is a man. That which is in front of you is a neighbor. Muharram of the Qibla of the world. Even now, I ask you to be with us and help me in a different way, in the sanctity of the love that was between us and the love that is still between us. Siavash asks can I help you? What to forget sooner

Were you and when were you? Neighbors say I was thrown into the middle of nightmares I was seeing. You do not ask yourself what are we doing here? Do you think all this is pointless? I say two slaves and a peasant are not here for no reason. We must accept our destiny as it is, for the sake of the people. Because of the crores of crops who do not have a sympathizer in the middle of Homayouni Palace. Take my hand and help me. Be behind me to understand why we are here. Go to Grandma Chaos and ask what she saw in my bad fortune when she came to sleep? Eventually, Khadijeh wants to leave, but Siavash announces the departure of Bibi Masoomeh, and Khadijeh’s tears flow.

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Time is taken alone and the woman goes to the king. The king and Mahdalia are in the room when the neighbor arrives. Nasser al-Din Shah called her the queen of Shahshakar. He says we were serving our mother and having an evening conversation. And he continues to talk. Mahd Olya says that you were talking about hunting, my crown prince. Malekzadeh is eagerly awaiting the outcome of the meeting. The neighbor who comes out says that Russia is also a princess. There was no time to say. Before me, the upper kindergarten had given its permission and passed away with compliments and greetings. When I am alone, I go again. Malekzadeh says I was miserable.

Nasser says how do you expect your daughter to become the bride of someone who has usurped the post of prime minister? If I were not a king and a servant, I would have learned to leave. We did badly, we did badly to our mother with Mirza Taghi. In the eyes of the king, we are all murderers and Mirza Aga Khan is the murderer. Mahdalia says that if one of these words reaches Malekzadeh, he will no longer serve God. The upper cradle refers him to the constellations and destiny and says that Saadi’s watch was found to propose to Mirza Kazem from Malekzadeh and this connection guarantees the survival of our rabbit crown .. and he wants to tell news of more blessed signs. And he wants good news for him. Says an astronomer who has ruled you for thirty years. Every thirty years is a century for them and he sees that a more prosperous second century is on the way.

Kindergarten informs Malekzadeh that you will soon have more important childcare tasks. Khadije is brought and Malekzadeh says that even if you are the princess of Iran, the part cannot be changed.

We see Siavash going to the village and seeing the grandmother of chaos in the middle of the meadow. Eye to eye they become numb.

There is a celebration and dancing in the palace and inside the eunuchs are dancing and women are playing. With the arrival of Malekzadeh, they are dying. Malekzadeh, the sister of Nasser al-Din Shah, comes in black.

Mahdalia and Malekzadeh, who are alone, fight one by one. The mother says that the drawing and name of the suitor and the answer of the king are known. Does it matter if you wear black and white? You go to the inner corner until the groom’s army comes one day and takes you to your home and life. The staring girl.

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