Jeyran Serial Part 12


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The upper cradle chases away the women of Agha Khan Nouri’s family who had come to take Malekzad and promises Kazem’s mother to send the bride to their house. And everyone looks at him in horror. He stays by himself and has no right to come out.

Mahd Olya pushes Malekzad inside and asks Khajeh Noghra to lock the door. Then he tells everyone that he has no right to come out until Malekzad is dressed in white No one has the right to talk to him. He does not ask his mother and he should not turn his back on her.

At least you had mercy on your own blood》

The upper kindergarten praises his courage. Then he opens the door and imprisons his neighbors in front of Malekzadeh.

Siavash goes to Nene Ashob’s house and asks her what she should do to become the Crown Prince’s neighbor’s son?

Neighbor love to give up?

Grandmother Chaos shows the necklace to Siavash and says that it is the spell of love and has been around the necks of queens for thousands of years who have given birth to male offspring and become the cradle of supremacy.

One is the spell of the seal and the other is the spell of the moon. When he leaves, Siavash says that now that he can not marry Khadijeh, if everything goes the way he wants and he is happy, maybe his broken heart will calm down a bit.

Neighbor sits inside Malekzad and asks him why he is called Khadijeh Thani? He does not like his neighbors. At the same time, Khajeh Bashi enters and says that Mahd-e-Olia has ordered that his grandchildren be with him and takes Maleksad’s daughters.

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The king summons the upper Mahd and asks why he imprisoned the neighbor?

The upper Mahd says that the neighbor has insulted the Qajar tribe and asks him to allow the neighbor to be expelled from the harem.

Mahdi Olya gets angry and asks how Khajeh Bashi will act on his words from tomorrowl

when he has ordered the release of his neighbors without agreeing with him, who is the head of the harem? Does and goes.

Gol Nessa goes to Jeeran and gives him the paper that Siavash took from his chaotic grandmother and says that her chaotic grandmother asked for the spell of the hundred Ashrafi seal. The neighbor says that she does not believe in these things.

Neighbors have been summoned to the king.

The neighbor goes to the king. It happens in the harem and it should be ignored.

The neighbor says that when he sees and hears, he can not say anything.

The king says: He says that he is different from all other women and does not do anything to change the way he looks at her.

Mahdaliya goes inside Malekzad. Melkzad shakes his daughter’s empty cradle and sings a lullaby. They argue with each other and Mahdal slaps Malekzad’s face.

Malekzadeh tells his mother that he loved Amir Kabir and he himself heard that he had told Nasser al-Din Shah, it is customary for the Prime Minister and the Shah’s mother to marry, but the Shah did not accept, after the Shah his eyes were on Amir himself, but When he found out that Amir did not want him either, he forced his daughter to marry Amir.

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At first, he was satisfied with everything, but when he found out that they were in love, he killed Amir out of resentment and jealousy. Zand says that he does not know the pain and …

… The child should be like the babies of the caravanserai and no one should look at him ‌, he does not know how much blood and liver he ate to bring him and his brother here. To stay inside and go until the Day of Judgment ‌.

The upper nursery goes to his room and happily looks at the spell necklace of the moon.

Then he secretly leaves the palace and goes to a house.

He then sits in front of her and says that his daughter expects him to sit inside like the old women and does not know that she has Salman outside the palace and is acceptable to him.

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