Jeyran Serial Part 16


At the beginning of the film, we see that the greeting ceremony is held, the king comes and his eyes and the neighbors meet, and after Shah Khajeh leaves, he announces that the Georgian lady will accompany the king on this journey.

The neighbor goes to his room and says that he is right with his grandmother and they have enchanted the king.

Because he saw the necklace of the moon charm on the neck of a Georgian girl.

In the sequence of the Shah leaving with Sarai Gorji, the neighbor says to his sister: “Look at me to learn how easy it is to brag about love and break the covenant.”

After crying and wailing, the neighbor asks his sister to find Siavash and take the spell of the sun for the neighbor, because Aziz Agha is in prison to give money or gold coins to the guards.

Glensa gave a gold coin to Khajeh Darban, went out the door and handed a hundred coins to Siavash to disturb his grandmother, and entered the harem from the back door by paying another Ashrafi.

The king stands in the middle, Khajeh gives a potion to the Georgian woman and says that he should wait for solitude with the king and he threatens to kill her.

The king looks at the areas with a camera and tells Salman that he is afraid of being the heir of this vast land. Shah says he is thinking of hunting with his neighbors. But his parents say they are not in destiny either.

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Salman says that whatever the sultan wants is in his destiny. Gives the command to move.

Siavash goes to his grandmother Chaos, he asks for the coins, Siavash says first tell the meaning of the words of the past.

“The fate and destiny of a person is like a pattern, if it does not go according to it, then nothing is a condition for anything,” says the grandmother of chaos.

Siavash says he does not accept that his spell works and he tells Siavash that there comes a moment in his life when he has to decide who he should be, not let others decide for him.

Mahdavolia celebrates the appointment of a certain prince, the neighbor comes, says he will not back down, the king has cut him off, but he goes to war with the spell of the moon, whatever has happened so far, as long as he is alive, neither the Georgian daughter nor the crown prince becomes the crown prince .

At the feast, Aziz Agha is adorned and his women’s clothes are tightened and he is asked to dance.

Slowly, dear sir, with the look in the tearful eyes of the neighbor, he dances and is ridiculed by the other eunuchs.

The neighbor gets up, orders silence, tells the residents to be ashamed of mocking the old Khajeh, Mahdavolia orders the neighbors to leave, the neighbor says that the work of the shrine does not have an account and a book.

Mahdavolia is very angry and says that the eunuch should be thrown out naked, the neighbor tells Mahdavolia that it is not in your honor and Mahdavolia says that I will expel the peasant and the neighbor says that he did not abandon his eunuch and he will not be humiliated and Mahdavolia will exist without him. Expel him.

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Siavash can not deliver the message to the neighbor.

On the other hand, he realizes that the neighbor is fired and returns to his father’s house.

So he takes the opportunity and takes responsibility for taking his neighbors.

In the middle of the road, the neighbor orders a stop, saying that he wants to go to the king’s army.

Siavash tells him that according to him, he tried to forget her and set foot on her heart, but there was an opportunity for them to be together after the end of Khadijeh’s group.

Neighbors say that the situation is different, in the past he went to the shrine by force of the Shah, but now the Shah said in front of others that he does not want her, now he wants to stay and defend his right, she is no longer the former Khadijeh and Siavash must choose to be a guard and Take him home or be Siavash and take him to the king’s army.

Siavash finally accepted the neighbor’s heart, sent him on a horse and gave him the spell. .

Siavash looks at him and says that he was right with the chaos as if nothing was a condition for anything.

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