Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles

Jamal and Helen lose themselves when they hear about Ahmed’s illness, but the doctor says that with methods such as bone marrow transplants, they can hope for Ahmed to recover, and that the transplant is more likely than Ahmed’s siblings.

“Can the children have a body test?” Helen asks Asia. “Of course you can,” says Asia.

When Ahmed is brought home, Overe and Narges are waiting for him outside the house. Auver hugs his brother but Helen pulls him away and says he might make Ahmed sick. He does not allow Ahmed, who wants to play with Over, to do so.
Meral is returning to Amasya when Raji stops his bus and forces him to get off. When Raji is not satisfied with leaving Meral, he inevitably says that Raji had a relationship with him because of his money and power, and that he loves someone else, and returns to him.

Shabi Raji returns home sadly and tells Zaheda that Meral has left him. Zaheda is happy that she

Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles


Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles
Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 23 English Subtitles

got her plan and laughs and says: “What did you expect? “That woman wanted to pick up your money and go.”

The next morning, Helen tells her mother that Jamal has been on top of her and her son all night and thinks that Ahmed’s illness will bring them back together.

Asya, who heard from Zaheda that Meral had left Istanbul, called him and when he found out that he was still in Istanbul, he asked him to stay there and said that he wanted Maher to find a suitable job and house for him.

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Jamal hears from behind the door that Asia tells Ovar that Ahmed is her little brother and that he should always be by her side and help her. Impressed, Jamal tells herself how such a woman could have been murdered.

In the company, when Maher tells Saturn that he is looking for a house for Maral, Saturn says that he can stay with him, and Maher is relieved.

When Jamal and Asieh and the children arrive home and Helen sees them, she becomes a blasphemer and empties her greed. Ower tells Ahmed to go see the puppet show and Ahmed is happy, but Helen rebukes Ower and says not to make Ahmed airy.
Jamal goes to Ovar and apologizes to him that he is upset. Narges asks how is it that they perform the play at home? Auver agrees and shows Jamal Asia to buy the equipment.

On the way to Jamal, he says: “Life is very strange, isn’t it? The boy I left on his birthday is rescuing my other son. I left you, but you are trying to make my son happy. I’m paying for it. “Ahmed got sick because of my work.” Jamal cries and Asia tries to calm him down and comfort him. Jamal asks: “You are the same Asia, so how could you kill that man?” “How can a woman like you?” Asia gets out of the car in a hurry.

Helen goes crazy when she realizes that Jamal and Asieh have gone out together and shouts angrily in the room, and when her mother asks her to calm down, she pushes him away.

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In the company of Saturn, he tells Jamal that today he is going to meet the baby in his womb and go for an ultrasound.

Jamal, who does not want him to be alone during this period, goes with him and advises him to share the story with Mahir, because no father or child should be separated from each other.

Raji sees Meral’s message on Asia’s phone asking him to come to the cafe near the mansion to talk. Raji sends a message on behalf of Asia. When Asia notices, she calls Meral and Meral leaves the cafe, but stops and watches Raji from a distance.
Shab Ahmad laughs a lot with the play performed by Narges, Ovar and Jamal and has a lot of fun with it.

Meral goes to Saturn’s house and at night when they talk, Meral says he still loves Raji but wants to stand on his own two feet.
Ovar asks Maher to stay in the mansion until Ahmed recovers, and Maher agrees after consulting with Asia.

At night, Helen asks Jamal to sleep with her. Jamal does not accept and says that he will not leave her and her son alone, but it is better for them to keep their distance.

Raji is drinking in the yard and Jamal sits next to him and drinks with him and when he sees Asia, he goes to him and asks him again about the murder he committed. Asia still does not answer him.

Jamal also deals with Meral.

When Meral finds out what Jamal has heard about Asia, he is shocked but does not tell the truth.

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He asks Jamal to let Asia be happy with Maher.

When Jamal returns to the mansion, he sees Asieh and Maher talking and laughing together, goes to them and starts taunting them. Asia goes in and Maher asks Jamal what she wants. “I do not want to get close to Asia,” says Jamal.

“I saw you touched him.” “You’re overdoing it,” says Maher.

Jamal asks Maher: “Do you love Asia?” Skilled confirms.

Jamal asks: “What is Asia?” “Do you love her?” Maher is silent and Jamal says: “No. “Do not look so much for a woman who does not love you.”

Tomorrow they will be ready for a transplant at Ovar and Ahmed Hospital.

When Narges goes to Ahmed’s room, she hears that Helen tells her mother that as soon as the transplant is done, she reveals Asia and sends her to prison, returning home with her husband and son.

Narges immediately goes to Over’s room and takes him out of the hospital.

Ovor is not in the room when the doctors arrive to start the transplant operation and everyone looks at each other in surprise.

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