Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 24 English Subtitles


In the hospital, everyone is shocked by the departure of Narges and Overe. “Narges must have heard us and gone,” Helen tells her mother. Asia wants to know what Helen said but she does not answer.

Helen cries for Jamal to find the children and says that Ahmed’s life is in danger.

Everyone is looking for children.

Rarely does he call his driver and ask him to find Over and Narges.

Shortly afterwards, the driver blocks Narges and Vauver and threatens to reveal their mother to the police, taking them back to the hospital.

In front of the others, Narges says that they went out for some fresh air, but when she is alone with her mother and Maher, she tells the truth and says that Helen intends to hand over Asiya’s bone marrow to the police.

“Helen was angry when she found out they knew Helen’s words,” he said. “Get out of our lives when the transplant is done.” During the week that Ahmed is hospitalized, Maher also does the work of their new home, and they prepare to leave.

A week later, Ahmed is released from the hospital and his family welcomes him to the mansion.

The same day, Aaron announces that they will have their last family dinner tonight because Maher and his family are leaving the mansion. Narges goes to her father and asks, “Weren’t we supposed to live together?” Jamal says everything is in place and he will soon be separated from Helen and they will be together.

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Asia, who now knows that Helen knows everything, wants him to talk to her, but Helen says, “I saw you as my family. But you did everything you could to ruin my life. “You lied to me for months.”

“I wanted to tell you, but Jamal said it was too late for everything,” says Asia.

“I’ll just endure another day,” says Helen.

“Then you get lost and you get out of here.”

Zaheda goes to see Saturn and Meral hides by seeing him.

He asks Saturn to talk to his journalist friends to publish news about Zaheda and Raji and their successful lives.

When Zaheda hears a voice from upstairs, she goes there to water her head and earphones, but instead of Meral, she sees an ultrasound image of Saturn.

Overwhelmed by Helen’s mistreatment, O’Veil sits alone in the yard with Jamal.

Overe tells him that Helen hates them and explains that she wanted to reveal her mother to the police, so they ran away from the hospital.

Jamal goes to Helen and asks, “How long have you known this?” “You saw Asia and you remembered your old love,” says Helen. “How did you look at me?”

Helen tells Jamal that she loves him very much and does not want to lose him, to which Jamal replies, “You should not hand over Asia to the police.”

“If you break up with me, I’ll expose Asia,” Helen says angrily.

When Jamal returns to the mansion, he apologizes to Narges and says that he can not live with them and will not leave Helen. Narges angrily tells him that he is a liar.

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At the dinner table, Zaheda suddenly tells Maher that Saturn is pregnant and Maher falls apart.
At the end of the night, Asieh says to Jamal: “Why do you hope for my daughter and then disappoint her? “You love Helen, don’t you?” “No.” Jamal says with tears in his eyes. “I do everything for you.” “You and I will never be happy, my dear wife,” Helen teases Jamal when she sees them.

Maher goes to see Saturn and says she knows she is pregnant. When Saturn sees the skilled concern, he says he is not the father of his child. He cries bitterly after his skilled departure.

Tomorrow, Maher and Asieh and the children leave the mansion for their new home, and after they leave, Jamal cries bitterly to remember her memories with Asieh and her children.

Saturn finally tells Raji, who is suspected of being in the company, that Meral lives in his house.

Raji goes to Meral immediately.

Meral tells Raji that he can not get his friend in trouble and inevitably tells him the story of Asia and the ascetic threat. Raji immediately goes to the company and grabs Jamal by the collar and says: “How could you deceive my sister? How did you leave that unfortunate woman and leave?

“Did you not feel sorry for your daughter?” “What has that got to do with my daughter?” Says Jamal.

“Someone wanted to rape Narges,” says Raji. “Asia killed him.”

Jamal goes crazy when he hears this and walks towards the mansion. He calls Helen and Helen says coldly that he lied about the murder of Asia’s mistress. “You’ll pay back this,” says Jamal.

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But before Jamal Helen arrives, he goes to Asieh’s house and empties his greed and resentment on her head with sarcasm and irony, and then puts a knife on Asieh’s neck.

Asia is scared, but Helen says, “Do not be afraid. I do not die in prison.

“You rot there.” At the same time, the police arrive and ask Asia to surrender.

Jamal, who reached there, told the police that Khalil Akbar was his killer.

Asia wants to stop him, but Jamal says, “Take care of the children.”

And entrusts them to the skilled.

Narges and Over cry and want to stop their father from leaving.

Jamal tells them that he loves them very much and Helen watches him go astonished.

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