Kaderimin Oyunu Series Episode 26 English Subtitles


Jamal is taken to the detention center, but he is happy and tells the guard that his son called him Baba for the first time today.

Helen calls her mother and tells her the story. He rarely says that he comes to the police station right now with a lawyer. Asia, on the other hand, cries restlessly and says she has to introduce herself, but Narges says, “I will go and tell the truth. “I do not want you and my father in prison.” Asia blames him and Maher says to calm them down that they will solve everything with the good lawyers they have.

Unaware of her mother and skilled, Narges goes to the police station and confesses that Khalil Akbar is her killer and that her father has blamed her. Helen, on the other hand, tells the police everything, but Jamal refuses to meet with her, and Helen becomes angry.

When Maher and Asieh arrive at the police station, Asieh cries and hugs Narges and scolds her. Narges is sent to the detention center.

When Narges goes to the detention center and Jamal sees her and understands the story, she cries: “It happened to you because I was not there. Forgive me.” In front of the police station, Asya embraces Jamal as soon as she sees him, and Jamal does not care about Helen. Helen looks at them greedily.

“Stay away from my family,” Jamal tells Helen.

It is night and Asieh is still in front of the police station crying. Jamal sits next to him and comforts him. Maher is upset to see them but goes to be alone. His beauty, Asieh, also apologizes and says that if he had been with them, none of this would have happened.

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In Aaron’s mansion, he learns everything and blames his family for their secrecy.

Then he says that they will do everything they can to free Narges. “You knew your son-in-law had a family,” says Maher. You hid from everyone, even your daughter. Why did you remain silent when you saw Asia and her children? “You all just oppressed them.” “I did this to protect my daughter’s family,” he rarely says. You did the same thing to me, Aaron. “One day you brought a skilled man and said, ‘This is my son.’

Jamal has persuaded the police chief to let him and Asie have dinner with Narges. Narges is happy to see her parents in detention.

Tomorrow, the judge will order a non-custodial trial due to Narges’s young age and murder in self-defense, and Narges will be temporarily released until a witness is found and more details of the incident are obtained.

Zahdeh, who is satisfied with the divorce, gives Raji the conditions he has set. He wants half of Raji’s property and Raji accepts immediately.

Jamal takes Asia and the children home and eats breakfast with them. Jamal promises to do everything she can to acquit Narges.

In a skilled company, when he sees that Saturn is not well, he accompanies him and they go to the doctor.

The doctor said that day that Saturn was pregnant with twins and that they were both girls. Saturn is very happy. “I envied their father for a moment,” Maher tells Saturn. Saturn tells Maher that the father of the children is abroad.

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Jamal goes to see Aaron and apologizes to him for everything. “I knew you as my own son, so my heart broke,” says Aaron. But I know what it’s like to live with a secret. “In the past, one day he would finally come and grab his collar.” Jamal says he is resigning from the company and separating from Helen, and Aaron confirms his decision.

Jamal comes to see the children and says that they have lived in secret for months and now he wants to show them Istanbul. They go for a walk together and spend happy moments together.

At night, Helen falsely tells Jamal that Ahmed is not well and drags him home.

He, who is drunk, tries to stop Jamal from leaving. Jamal realizes that this is Helen’s plan and blames her. But Ahmed asks her to stay with him overnight.

When Jamal is asleep, Helen tells him, “I love you so much, Jamal.”
Maher is saddened to see that Jamal’s children are happy to be with their father, and Over tells him, “You are always my skilled father. “Can I call you Daddy?” Maher asks him to say whatever he likes and after Asia wants to let him always be with the children. “You are my dear friend,” says Asia. “We are always by your side.”

Tomorrow morning, he takes Jamal Ahmed out with Asieh and her children for breakfast.

When Helen realizes this, she immediately goes to them and takes Ahmed with her. Jamal goes home angrily and takes the scarf that Asieh knitted for him and takes their family photo to leave forever. Helen gets angry and says, “How are you?” “You did not like me at all?”

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“You are precious to me,” says Jamal. My baby mother. But I love another woman. “I do not belong here.” “I will not let you go,” says Helen. Jamal ignores me and Helen says, “I will kill myself. “I did it before and I will do it again.”

“This time you can not dissuade me from my decision,” says Jamal. And leaves the mansion.

Jamal goes to their house to see Asia and the children, but Maher is alone at home. Maher asks Jamal to let him be with the children at all times. “Then I will be with your children,” says Jamal. And he throws his heart into the sea and says that he is the father of Saturn’s children. Maher, whose tongue is tied, immediately goes to Saturn.

After Asia and the children arrived, Ahmed called his father and said that his mother had taken him somewhere and called to say goodbye.

“You got us out of this life,” Helen tells Ahmed. Jamal asks him not to go crazy, but Helen does not pay attention and Jamal

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