Kaderimin Oyunu Series Season 1 Episode 22 English Subtitles


Episode 20 is the twentieth episode of season one of “Kaderimin Oyunu“.

The episode premieres Friday, May 20th, 2022 on Star TV .

Everyone is waiting for Asia and Jamal in the yard, but after a hard argument, they each think in a bad way in a corner. He seldom goes to Asia and says, “Did Jamal break your heart?” “It’s your fault,” says Asia.

“You also brought such a dirty thing to Jamal’s mind!”

He rarely denies and says: “My son-in-law must have seen such a talent in you that he believed!

His ex-wife killed her lover!

“God knows how much you missed him!” After rarely, Maher enters the room and when he sees Asiya crying, he is very upset and says, “Don’t cry for this person? “Do you still love him?” Asia is silent.

He becomes very angry when Maher realizes what has happened. But Asia does not allow him to speak.

When Asieh and Maher return to the yard, Zaheda and Helen make fun of him with their words.

Maher gets angry and shouts: “You have no right to treat Asia like this!

“I set fire to the mansion because of a tear.”

Angry, Jamal attacks Maher but Asieh stops them and they go to their room with Maher.

Raji, who is drunk, goes to Merle’s house and hugs her and says he will never let her go. Merle takes him home.
Maher tells Asia that it is better for them to leave the mansion so that Asia is not bothered any more.

Asia asks him to go away and Maher promises to take care of him and the children for the rest of his life.

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“I took Jamal,” Maher says to himself. “You lost Asia and the children!”

On the other hand, Jamal says to himself: “How did my Asia do such a thing? “How did she become such a woman?”

In the morning, Zaheda says that Raji has been out all night and ironically tells Asia that he knows that Raji is with his friend Merle. Maher angrily says that they have decided to go to another house. Helen smiles but gets nervous with Jamal’s questions. Narges is upset with her mother’s sudden decision and leaves the table.

When Asia follows Narges, Jamal pulls her to a corner and says she will not let her children get away from her.

She says she plans to separate from Helen and live with her children.

“Have you approached us once in all these years and are you worried about the children now?” Asieh says angrily.

“I made a mistake, I left my children with you,” says Jamal. I did not know you were such a person! You were my last hope in this world. “You were the most innocent person I ever knew!”

Tomorrow morning, when Raji wakes up in Merle’s house, he tells her that he wants to separate from Zaheda and asks her if she is ready to live with him. Merle answers in the affirmative.

When they turn on the TV, they see the news of Raji’s relationship with another woman, and Raji realizes that this is ascetic.

In the company, Saturn gets sick and Jamal takes her to the clinic and finds out that she is skilled.

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Jamal asks him to tell Maher, but Saturn says he does not want Maher to return to him because of this.

At Zaheda’s suggestion, who pretends to hear the news of Raji’s betrayal on TV, they go out for dinner, and when Raji says he has decided to separate, he calmly accepts.

But when they leave the restaurant, the reporters who hired Zaheda arrive and she tells the camera that they will not leave and that her husband’s act was just a male mischief.

At night, Helen tells Jamal that she hit Ovar Ahmed and bruised his hand.

Jamal blames Ovar and Asiya argues with him, saying that his son does not do that.

“Does that mean my dad doesn’t like me?” “Why didn’t he believe me and believe Ahmed?”

Upon hearing this, Maher goes to Jamal and tells him: “Treat my son right!” Their fight escalates and at the same time, Aaron gets sick and is taken to the hospital. The doctor at the hospital says that Aaron’s disease has progressed and he should be operated on as soon as possible.

Tomorrow, Asieh and Jamal will face each other in the elevator. A little later, the elevator stops working and Asieh gets sick and Jamal tries to calm her down and hugs Asieh and says, “Nothing will happen to you when I get ahead.” When it opens in the elevator, Maher and Helen see them together and eat.

Aaron’s surgery is successful and he returns to the mansion. Asieh and Maher are also moving, and Helen is happy and nervous.
Zaheda and Raji’s daughter separates from her husband and when Raji goes with her daughter, Najmi comes to Zaheda and says: “If you want your husband to come back, I can get rid of Merle!”

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Jamal has got a new job position in another company and wants to leave Aaron Company and start a new life with her children and she is very happy. He calls Helen and arranges for dinner.

Merle is waiting for Raji at her house, where Zaheda goes and says that she knows everything about Asia and the murder she has committed, and threatens Merle that she will give up Raji if she does not want her friend to rot in prison.

At night, when Raji goes to Merle’s house, he sees that she has left and turned off her phone.

Helen’s night happily prepares to spend a good night with Jamal, but when she eagerly talks about her future plans at the restaurant, Jamal says without preamble that she wants a divorce.

Helen agrees and asks Jamal to leave, and after she leaves, she starts breaking the dishes on the table.

Helen goes to the police station to find out about Asia, but before entering, Jamal calls her and says that Ahmed has been anesthetized at home and that Maher and Asiyah have taken her to the hospital. He rushes to the hospital and the doctor informs them.

The head of the test results show that Ahmad has leukemia. Now Jamal and Helen are getting worse. When the doctor asks if Ahmed’s sister or brother has a bone marrow transplant, Asieh and Jamal stare at each other.

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