Kara Tahta Episode 5 English Subtitles

(Blackboard Series)


Irmac asks Atlas, “Why did you come here?” Fire says I have good reasons to talk to you.

About everything.

All questions will be answered, do not worry.

[Turkish Version]

The other is that he brought her a red handkerchief and said he was upset that you lost him.

The girl smiles and wants to take it, they hold hands.

Irmak’s mother comes, lights the house, and starts a fight.

He taunts everyone in the square and criticizes the mystic who came. Shouts.

He tells Aref that this defect is from your son and your ex-wife, not you.

Irmak tries to dissuade his mother. The same goes for Aref.

He says my daughter has a fiancé. Irmak says no. He takes his daughter home.

His mother says he has upset you.

The girl defends Atlas.

We find out that Ulfat, Atlas’s mother, came and talked to him.

The mother says that your marriage to Bakir is right, not to Atlas.

He walks in Soodi Alley and Ulfat asks why did you not say good day to me? Atlas said?

God is behind him. How old is she?

How long did it take for your daughter to leave, my son?

He leaves the girl to go and answer Ulfat.

Ulfat interrogates him. He says when I was, were you also Sheila?

There is talk between Aref and Atlas.

Irmak is talking to his friend Bahar and tells him that whatever happened. I’m talking to him frankly. His friend approves.

Munwar goes to Bakir. Reassures him that there is no problem. Bakir fights with Munawwar.

“It’s not my problem,” he says.

If Atlas was a man, he would get the news when he left, not come back all at once.

Sheila tells the story of the alley visit to Aref. The mystic hopes that the atlas will remain, but that it will go away.

Tomorrow morning. Irmak wants to go out. Enlightened is still angry.

Irmak kisses her to reconcile.

He went to school to inquire about Yasmin’s lessons. Atlas also crosses there and sees IrmaK.

He asks Atlas to talk a little with each other.

A boy is watching them. They talk on the phone with someone who owes money. They find out that Atlas is sending letters that did not arrive and Irmak came to Istanbul but did not send it.

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Bakir calls Aref. He fights with her.

He threatens her and that she does not like her father at all if he says two things.

He says do not let me say it twice. And threatens her with the death of her child.

The mystic goes to the atlas of the captives. Irmak asks Atlas what do you want? I mean from me.

Tell me to know and make a decision based on that. Atlas wants to answer that the mystic comes and wants and.

Atlas apologizes. He is going to come back again.

Atlas asks, “Did you give my address to Irmak?”

But the father angrily says that you should leave the girl. Because I tell you.

It broke because of that girl in our family. Atlas says I will not. Aref tells Atlas, “Do not listen to me until I go and tell you that the person who stabbed you was Ahmad.”

Irmak arrives at Atlas, where he finds him close to the captives and returns. He is getting worse. He enters the street.

Atlas comes out and does not find Irmak.

At school, Master Newzat is lost and cared for. Master Saturn enters and is disturbed.

Apparently, the police station called Master Nozat and opened an account in his name that was related to the assassination.

The second time they call, Aaron talks to them. It turns out that it was a scam.

A student enters and says that Golshah, Ahmed’s sister, reports that Ahmad has hit Atlas.

Ahmed is at home. He comes with his mother who has Yasmin. He asks his mother not to accept him and tells him to leave. He says it is not home.

Bakir’s brother goes to Bakir. He says everyone was talking about Ahmed who hit the atlas.

Bakir asks us what?

“My brother says I know what ‘s going on,” he says.

Bakir says Afarin.

Keep yourself strong now and do not interfere in our work.

Go home and give Dad his medicine.

Irmak tells his mother at home that I went to talk to Atlas and they tell the story.

His mother encourages him because he is disappointed with Atlas. Irmac takes two days. A kind of mental leave. Jasmine arrives too.

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The captives call to the atlas and settle together; Bakir did not go to the restaurant.

The Enlightenment and the mystic debate and the street debates have reached there as well.

Bakir is also scheduled to come.

Alexander needs money. One hundred thousand lira.

Yasmin tells Irmak the news about Atlas being stabbed.

Atlas went to Avesta. She shares the story with him. It’s scary for Ahmed. His phone rings.

Irmak asks why you did not tell me the story of Ahmed and the knife?

He asks Atlas to think about the answer for one or two days and inform him.

Eileen is Atlas’s sister at home. His mother Sheila takes him to sleep. Atlas is the tail of Ahmed’s house.

Ahmed comes out.

He reports that he was heard at school and finds out that Golshah told the news.

Ahmed intends to drop out of school. Go to work instead of study.

Atlas tells Aref, after arguing with Ulfat, that you have won and I will listen to you.

The father says that now you understand me better, a teacher sometimes does everything for the student.

He even goes through something in his family.

Atlas is a condition. That brought Ahmed back to school.

And that he can tell a story to Eileen.

Alexander is still looking for money. Bakir’s phone rings and is lit.

He gives her the good news and tells her to wait a while and then come for courtship.

Baker vents his anger on Alexander and then leaves.

Atlas came to tell a story to his sister Eileen. 

And takes him to an ice cream parlor. Orders ice cream and chocolate.

Atlas’ mother now intends to invite the prisoners to come home at night.

He says do not promise anything to Maryam’s captives and aunt.

The captive is behind the door and hears, sheds tears and leaves.

Alexander says that now that he does not give good money with good language, I do something else.

I am crazy. Bakir says do you want to force him? Alexander threatens him and leaves.

Bakir comes to school and goes to Aref.

Kartal tells him that one of your students named Ahmad seemed to have stabbed his teacher.

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I came to see where such a scandal came from.

Then I thought of warning other parents as well. Threatens.

But in the end he says you saved your son’s life with this decision and he leaves. He sees the captives.

The captives do not treat him well.

Irmac is waiting for the news from Atlas. There is still a light of hope.

Ulfat intends to go to Istanbul. Irmak and Bakir see each other.

Irmak says I have to concentrate.

I’m asking you something but do not go crazy.

At school, there is talk about Ahmed and a knife.

You have nothing to do with it?

Bakir complains and gets upset.

On behalf of the mystic, Bakir quotes about Atlas that Atlas said that Irmak is our old friend and there will be nothing between us.

Atlas sees his mother leaving.

They sit on a bench and he says that years ago we both left together.

It’s annoying that his son actually kicked him out. They reconcile.

Irmak calls and Atlas can’t talk to him.

Baker gives good news to Irmak’s mother.

He is relieved.

She makes an appointment for courtship.

Sadegh and Iskandar talk about money again in the grocery store.

Alexander wants to use Ahmed’s story as a threat and says Bakir has to give it.

Aref goes to the mechanics in which Ahmad started working.

Ahmed says I can not go back. I can not look at you and Atlas. I’m going to make money.

While teaching, Kartal and the children ask Atlas about the story.

They have a series of questions.

Atlas goes out in a daze. He sees his father and says I do not know what to say.

To the children whether Ahmed did it or not.

Aref says you said the teacher does not get stuck in a dilemma. Aref suggests defending Ahmad.

Tell them to go and get their friend’s repair shop. Atlas does the same.

The children are all gathered in Aref’s room to go and talk to Ahmad.

A group goes to Ahmed and brings him to school.

Irmak is waiting for the call that Atlas is calling.

He asks can we see each other on the bridge today?

Irmac is getting ready to visit. They meet on the bridge.

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