Kardaslerim (Khaharan va Baradaran) Series Episode 197

Summary of episode 197 of Brothers and Sisters series

The Turkish Istanbul series Siblings in the drama and family genre has been aired since 2021 until now, two full seasons and the third season is currently airing. In the following, you will read the summary of episode 197 of the first season of the Brothers and Sisters series.

Finding evidence against Serp

Yasmin learns chemistry well from Omar and thanks him. The owner of the neighborhood tire shop comes to the door with Amal’s bicycle. He repairs Amal’s bike and delivers it to Omar. He also says that he has not seen anything from someone who hit Amal with a car. It also gives life to Amal’s plastic items.
A bracelet is found next to Amal’s belongings, which is actually a gift that Yasmin bought for Serap. No one understands who the bracelet belongs to and everyone assumes that maybe the bracelet belongs to someone who passed away. Omar is staring at the bracelet…

Orhan praises Shangol’s cutlets and in order for Ganon not to see him, Aibike grabs him to go the other way. Shangul brings halwa to Aybike and Orhan.
Akef is at Nebahet’s house and doesn’t answer Suzan’s phone, and they talk with Nebahet about his life situation and their past and what they knew about each other, their memories and have a good time.

After the chemistry practice, when Yasmin wants to leave, Dorok wants to take her but in front of the door, when no one is home, he returns under the pretext of taking his notebook and takes his brother’s bracelet.

At the restaurant, when Gunon tries to use the card, he realizes that he doesn’t have any balance and Orhan tells him that since he hasn’t paid them for the past few months, he deposited it all together. Afra calms her mother down so she doesn’t get angry and tells her she needs to keep calm to win.

While looking for his sunglasses at his mother’s house, Dorok notices that his father is next to his mother. The two then apologize to Duroc for the situation, and Duroc says that they should actually apologize to Susan and leaves.

The children talk to each other at school and while they still don’t know whose fault Amal’s accident was, they thank God that the case ended in a plaster cast. At the same time, they see Sosan and Barak, and Omar and Aybeke feel heartbroken by their relationship. At the same time, Susan tells Burke that she is upset that Omar is giving her less space, but she doesn’t want to take the initiative for reconciliation. Burke also says that he is no longer the kind Burke that he used to be and has not spoken to Aibike.

Suzan apologizes to Akif

Seeing Akef in the club, Susan tells him that she thought about what she said last night and apologizes to him. They also made an agreement that if there was an argument, they would not stay out at night and return home. Akif also lied about where he was last night and then hugged his wife Suzan. Nabahat entered the room at this moment and his feelings were hurt and he left there.

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At school, Tolga and her sister came to class and the children welcomed them.

The greater popularity of Shangul’s cutlets makes Guenon more nervous

Shengol served cutlets to the people who were near the Gunon restaurant and everyone praised the taste of his cutlets. In order for Ganon to hear and get more angry, he told everyone that my ex-wife funded this work and I implemented my idea. And some of them fly in their restaurant.

Then he told Ganon that you will leave here soon and I will come here. Similarly, Shangul gave free cutlets to three people who wanted to enter Ganun restaurant and invited them to his restaurant instead. The knife reached the bones of Genon…

Susan takes Omar to the hospital

Akif goes to Suzan’s house, but he didn’t remember to take the keys and Suzan has to be at work for a few more hours. Akef tells Susan that he will look around the neighborhood until she returns. Omar takes their order for the customers and then his head gets confused and his eyes go black. Susan suggests that they go to the doctor together. But Omar does not accept and says that it has been like this for so long because of stress. Then Omar gets a nosebleed and Suzan doesn’t accept his explanations anymore and takes him to the hospital.

Akef also goes to Shangul restaurant and because there is not enough room for new customers, he decides to sit in the car and eat cutlets.
The doctor examines Omar and says that because Omar has been hit on the head and the situation is a bit worrying, Omar should take the necessary tests tomorrow morning at a specialized hospital. Suzan forces him to go home and rest and stop thinking about work.

Asiyah stays with Aibike and they decide to watch a movie. Aibike says that she never liked romantic movies and recently she doesn’t like them at all. Asiyeh asks about her relationship with Burke, and Asbeke says that Burke doesn’t text her anymore, except for bitter messages like his crushes on Tolga. Asiyeh says she thinks Tolga has become a good person and Aibike says we all grow up, Tolga has grown up too, but I still can’t say I trust him. Then they go to the movie selection.

Guenon sets fire to Shangul’s restaurant
The night after Shangul’s restaurant closes, he goes and pours gasoline on his car and his table and chairs and sets them all on fire. Akif shouts and asks for help. Omar is sitting in the bus and notices that the bracelet belongs to Serp in a photo on his mobile phone, but at the same time, he passes out and falls to his place.

A review of episode 197 of the brothers and sisters series
Serap’s bracelet was found among the things that one of the neighbors collected from the accident scene but Yasmin takes it so that no proof of her brother is left behind. Nebahet and Akef are in a situation where Nebahet is jealous of his relationship with Susan. Suzan takes Omar to the hospital, who is sick, and it is necessary for Omar to follow up with other tests tomorrow morning. While Akef was sleeping in Shangul’s car waiting for Suzan, Ganon sets fire to Shangul’s car due to his intense jealousy.

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