Kardaslerim (Khaharan va Baradaran) Series Episode 196

Summary of Brothers and Sisters episode 196

The Turkish Istanbul series Siblings in the drama and family genre has been aired since 2021 until now, two full seasons and the third season is currently airing. In the following, you will read the summary of episode 196 of the first season of the Brothers and Sisters series.

Orhan reaches Shangul’s booth and sees him lifting a heavy object and takes it from his hand and says that according to his doctor’s advice, he should be very careful and not lift anything heavy.

Shangul says that he has to do these things when no one is with him.

Then Orhan asks her with what money she bought that car, and Shangul answers that she bought the car thanks to him and with the card that Orhan gave her to pay for their children, because she couldn’t pay for their children with the income of a maid.

Orhan is surprised and nervously says that he used this card for restaurant purchases. Shangul also says that he will return his money with the income of this work. Then they happily end their discussion with a joke.

Sosan and Omar’s anger in the series Sisters and Brothers

At school, Susan sits next to Burke and they argue about their relationship. The relationship between Barak and Aybeke has been broken, and Sosan and Omar have not had a good relationship for some time. Burke says that he didn’t want to upset Susan by telling about Leila and Omar’s issue, but he couldn’t not let her know. Susan says that the problem is not only the events of that night and that he lied to her two nights ago.

Burke fuels their problems and tells Susan that it is better not to reconcile with Omar for a while so that Omar appreciates him. He also told Susan that when Omar enters the school, he should not pay attention to him and not approach him. Susan does the same and Burke admires her behavior. Susan is worried if this behavior will work or not and Burke says they should try.

Upon entering, Omar and Asiya notice this behavior of Susan and Omar stops talking to Susan. In the corridor of the school, Doruk sees Omar and Asiya and asks them how Amal is doing, and they say that they are waiting for the news from the police. Omar sees Sarp and threatens him that he has not forgotten what he did last night, that three people attacked one person and that he will retaliate soon.

Ogle tells Omar in class that he is waiting to find someone who hit Amal and put his account in the palm of his hand. Yasmin and Serap get a little anxious after hearing these words. Meanwhile, Omar has a nosebleed because his nose was damaged from last night’s fight.
Akaf’s fraud from Nebahat
On the other side, in front of Nabahat Club, Akef wants to take delivery of the cargo and tells the visitor to manipulate the invoice and put a zero in front of the figure to be paid and convert 5 thousand liras into 50 thousand. The visitor accepts with Akif’s temptations and in exchange for half of that amount. After the seller leaves, Akef says to himself: “No, madam, I will take back the things you took from me one by one.”
Shawal realizes that Suzan is Omar’s mother
Ayla and Shawal enter the club and talk about the parent-teacher association, and Shawal finds out that Susan was Omar’s mother and Ahmed’s ex-fiancée, his wife. Ayla tells him that no one knows who Omar’s father is yet, but the passage of time will determine this.

At school, Yasmin is trying to take tomorrow’s chemistry exam papers from the teacher’s locker, but she can’t, and Durok, who was holding two boxes, sees her in front of the chemistry teacher’s closet and asks her why she is there. Yasmin makes her way to it, but Durok has noticed her intention. At the same time, the chemistry teacher arrives and Durok saves Yasmin from the predicament by saying that the manager asked them to come and put the boxes here.
Yasmin becomes a guest of Omar and Asia

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After they leave the room, Yasmin thanks Durok and says she did it because she can’t understand chemistry.

Dorok tells her to come to Asia’s house so that the three of them can practice chemistry. Yasmin also accepts.
At the club, Suzan asks Ahmed for help with work, and after Ahmed agrees, she thanks him with a smile.

Shawal, who sees this moment, angrily tells Ahmed why he didn’t tell him before that Suzan is Omar’s mother and she works here now. He also insults Ahmed because of his relationships. Ahmad says that he does not think this is an important issue and that is why he did not talk about it. Suzan gets angry with Shawal’s literature and says that this was the case for 19 years ago and asks Shawal not to talk about this issue in front of everyone so that it reaches Omar’s ears.

At Dorok School, they suggest to Asia to invite Yasmin to come to their house to practice chemistry together, and in this way, the middle life with her blood siblings will gradually improve. At the same time, they see Yasmin and invite her to come to their house and Omar, who is very good in chemistry, to help her. Yasmin asks why Asiyeh wants to help her so suddenly, Durok and Asiyeh are silent for a while and then Durok says that finally they have to melt the ice between them from somewhere so that this school semester will pass well. It is agreed that all of them will practice chemistry at night at Asia and Omar’s house.
At school, Omar goes to ask the police about the accident case. Then Afra tells Ogle John that they have a plan so that their mothers can have a better relationship with each other. In another dish, Sarep tells Yasmin that Omar has gone to see the closed-circuit film of the accident and is worried whether his image is in the film or not. Yasmin informs her brother that when she goes to Omar’s house at night, she can solve this issue.
Afra’s attempt to discredit Shangul’s pavilion

Maple after The school and Ogel go to the Nashgol booth and Afra tells Ogel that she wants their mothers to see that they treat each other well so that they can build a good relationship with each other. Then he asks Ugel for cold water and meanwhile he pours too much salt in the cutlets to discredit Shangul’s business, but Ugel grabs his wrist. Afra also gets angry and leaves there.

Akif understands that Ahmed is Omar’s father

Asiyeh tells aunt Sugi about the night time with Yasmin and Omar, and Akif hears this from behind the door and realizes that Ahmed is Omar’s father. He returns home and angrily tells Susan why he hid this issue from her and did not tell her that he had a past with Ahmed. Susan tells him that she is the last person who can teach him honesty. Akef congratulates Susan on her birthday and leaves the house.

Yasmin goes to Asia’s house and realizes that the videos did not record anything from the car or Serap’s face, and she informs her brother about this by SMS. Similarly, Omar and Yasmin do not work together, but Sugi’s aunt tells Omar that Yasmin is her granddaughter and for her sake, he should teach Yasmin chemistry.

Nebahet is worried about Durok and calls Akif to tell him if he has any news about Durok. Akif says that there is no need to worry, his phone must be turned off and he goes to Nabahet’s house to comfort her.

Ogle goes to Tolga’s house and tells her that he came there to ask her to go back to school, but Tolga can’t believe it easily. Ogle explains to her that he understands her and knows that she is a good person and should not drop out of school because of family problems and her father’s anger.
At the Shangol booth, Orhan sees Aybike and says that he can’t get out of his mother’s cutlets and he came to eat them. Shangul also prepares a permalat cutlet for him.

Review of episode 196 of Brothers and Sisters series
In this episode, Susan and Omar don’t talk about their problems and get further away from each other. Doruk and Asiyeh are trying to improve the relationship between Yasmin and Omar, so they invite him to their house to practice chemistry together. Shawal and Akif understand that Suzan and Ahmed had a past and that Omar is their child and they are having problems with their wives. Orhan can’t be indifferent to the aroma and taste of Shangool cutlets!

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