Kardeslerim Episode 1 English Subtitles – Recap

Summary of the brothers and sisters series (Kardaslerim)
Part 1

The Turkish Istanbul series Siblings in the drama and family genre has been aired since 2021 until now, two full seasons and the third season is currently airing. In the following, you will read the summary of the first episode of the first season of the Brothers and Sisters series.

The series begins with the scene of carrying two coffins. The coffins of Qadir’s parents, Omar, Asia and Amal, who are siblings. Omar walks under their coffin, but Qadir stands next to Asia and Amal and comforts them.

The series goes back to the time when parents were alive. Everything shows a happy and dynamic family life. Amal, who is the youngest daughter of the family, goes to her uncle’s chicken coop and talks to the chickens. In the end, he takes an egg and runs out with the screams of his uncle Shangul’s wife. Shangul’s nerves are broken and his protests attract the attention of his wife Orhan. Orhan tells Shangul not to be hard on Amal, she is only a child. Shangul says that he is making a living with the salary of a worker and maybe he wants to sell the eggs. Orhan tells him to stop and come and make the tea. Shangool goes home grumbling.

At Aniki Baradar’s house, Qadir jokes with Omar about his relationship. His mother tells him not to embarrass her son. The father kindly looks at them and laughs. Amal comes home and says to her father: “I went to get eggs.” Father: “Did your uncle’s wife get angry?” Mother says to Amal: “Don’t take the eggs of your uncle’s wife!” Don’t we have eggs at home?” Amal: “But I want to eat Adiba’s egg! “Mommy” however tells her mother that she won’t take any more eggs.
Mother calls Asia, who is her eldest daughter, to come to the table. Amal coughs at the table and her father asks what happened. Amal shakes her head and her mother says, “Sometimes she coughs a little bit” and the father says with a little protest, “Well, tell me to take the child to the doctor!” Asieh comes to the table dressed in uniform and ready, but eats one or two small bites because it is late. His father gives him money to buy and eat something for himself during the fun. Asya says she has money, but her father insists on taking the money. His mother tells him that it is cold and wraps her shawl around his neck and kisses him. Asia warmly says goodbye to the family and leaves. The rest of the family eat breakfast together.

At Shangul and Orhan’s house, Shangul sends his two children to school. Al-Khorban goes to Aibike’s charity, and his daughter’s head and figure have been calculated. Asiyeh, who is Aibike’s cousin, followed her to go to school with Ogle (Aibike’s brother). Shangul says to Asia: “Asia, where is Qadeer?” won’t it be late There is a school for the rich, they don’t wait, they complain to your uncle.” It turns out that her husband Orhan works in a children’s school. Asiyeh says, “Uncle’s wife is coming now.” Then Shangul asks Asiyeh’s mother to take the baby (Amal) to the hospital. Then Ogle and Aibike meet and they all walk towards the school.

Shangul and Khadijah (Amal’s mother) go to the hospital by bus. Khadija asked the driver for the rest of the fare. Shangul took it upon himself to buy himself a toasted sandwich while they were in the hospital. Shangul jokes a little with Amal and at the same time taunts, “Your parents go and earn money, then it will fall on me after you go to the hospital.” Khadija is a little upset by his words and says that she has to go to Nabahet Khanum’s house to clean the villa, otherwise she would have taken a leave. Shangul tells Khadija that she should take more money for all this work and protest, but Khadija does not agree. Then Shangul and Amal get off early and go to the hospital.

Khadija goes to her work, Nebahet’s house and sees that the door is not locked. He hears the sound of a woman laughing. He goes up to the room and notices the presence of Akif and Suzan and is shocked, then he tries to leave the house. Suzan and Akif, who are afraid that their betrayal will be revealed, run after Khadija. Suzan asks her to promise not to tell anyone, especially her husband, while Khadija claims she didn’t see anything and won’t tell anyone. Khadija swears on her children’s lives that she will not tell anyone and leaves.
When Akef sees Suzan, he tells her why he believed Khadija’s words and goes to look for Khadija and Suzan also takes a taxi and leaves from there. On the way back, Khadija calls her husband and tells him that she found out about Akaf’s betrayal and is worried that she will lose her job. Her husband tells her that it is better not to work there at all. Khadija is waiting for the bus when Akif arrives with his driver and wants to take her home.
At school, Omar and Qadir help their uncle Orhan in painting the school. Omar did not attend his class so that he could earn money by helping his uncle so that he could buy books and not put pressure on his father.

Harika and Melissa and their friends talk about having a party at school. Melissa, unlike Harika, despite the fact that her father Akaf is very rich, does not consider it necessary to have so many parties. They pass by the proximity of Omar and Qadeer, when Omar and Melissa’s eyes meet. Qadir tells Omar that it is better not to go to such rich girls because they will not look at Omar with their status. Durok and Berk join the girls and leave.
Khadija’s accident in Brothers and Sisters

Akef suggests to Khadija that they don’t have any business relationship in getting 100,000 lira and that Khadija should not tell anyone. Khadija says she doesn’t want to accept the money she didn’t work hard for, but with Akif’s insistence, she agrees to go to his company tomorrow and get the money.

slow down
Suddenly, a truck hits Akaf’s car on the side where Khadija is sitting. Akef is not injured, but his driver, Farket, is completely unconscious, and Khadijah is also severely injured and asks Akef for help. Akif gets out of the car and leaves, he doesn’t help Khadija either.

بیشتر ببینید:

Shangul, who had taken Amal to the hospital, realizes that the problem with Amal’s lungs is a cold, but he postpones Amal’s treatment until tomorrow, when his mother will come and continue it, because he himself is not bored with the hospital any more.

But Khadija’s wife was eating with her colleagues when they called her and informed her about her husband’s accident. From that side, Akef does not tell Susan anything about the accident and says that he only talked to her.

At the same company, his employee informs him about Fikret’s accident and he pretends to be unaware and says that he gave him the car to take his sick child to the doctor.

But he goes to the hospital and asks for his wife. His wife is in the operating room. Then Vali calls Omar and tells his sons that their mother had an accident and that they should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Shangul, Orhan and Khadija’s children took themselves to the hospital. The doctor informs the driver’s family of his death and Khadija’s family is very worried. Khadija is transferred to the ICU after the operation and the doctor says that there is still a danger to her life. But he gives encouragement to his children that their mother will be fine.

At Suzan’s wife’s house, Akif and his family are at the dinner table. Akef praises Susan for being a cook and code lady and asks her, “Isn’t she a code lady?” Akef jokingly brings the story. Akef’s daughter Melissa says how small these grilled chickens are and her heart aches for them. Duroc says his sister Melissa has recently become a vegetarian. Susan also admires Melissa and says that she wants to become a vegetarian but she can’t bear it. Suzan’s husband also tells her that he does not have his will. At the same time, the news of the television announces the accident of Akaf’s car and the death of the driver and the deterioration of Khadijah’s condition. Because of this, he gets upset and cries. Susan is also sad.

Akef’s employee informs Wali at the hospital that Akef will pay his wife’s hospital expenses and he does not need to go to work until his wife’s condition gets better. But he asks why his wife was in Akaf’s car, Akaf’s employee says that he is not aware of the details. But he says he doesn’t need anything except for his wife to get well and the employee also leaves.

In the room, Suzan tells Akif why she is not upset about Khadija’s accident at all and they are talking when Nebahet arrives and asks about the topic of their conversation and Akif easily changes the topic. Then Suzan goes downstairs to reach the guests and the maid goes to fix her makeup.
The rest of the family goes home, but Vali and Ghadeer stay in the hospital. In the morning, Vali goes to the building and tells Qadir that he has work there. Before leaving, Ghadeer hugs him and watches him leave.

Review of the first episode of the series of brothers and sisters
In this episode of the series, it shows that the parents of Qadir, Omar, Asiya and Amal are dead, but we go back to before their death and see how this tragedy happened to this lovely family. During Akef and Suzan’s betrayal, Khadija finds out about this. Akef tries to solve this issue by talking to Khadijah. On the way back, there is a severe accident that puts Khadija in danger of death, but Akif leaves the situation and leaves herself in ignorance.
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