Kardeslerim Episode 2 English Subtitles – Recap

Summary of episode 2 of Brothers and Sisters series

The Turkish Istanbul series Siblings in the drama and family genre has been aired since 2021 until now, two full seasons and the third season is currently airing. In the following, you will read the summary of the first episode of the first season of the Brothers and Sisters series.

Death of Wali, father of siblings

But it goes to the building. Akef is talking on the phone at the top of the building when Vali reaches him. Akif tells him if they need anything to tell him, but Wali says they don’t. Akif asks how Khadijah is, and Vali says that he is waiting for Khadijah to come to her senses to understand what happened, because his wife went to his villa and saw him and Suzan in a bad situation. Akif interrupts and says that he is married and what is this. Akif also tells Wali not to think that his wife was taken and thrown on the street corner.

But he says no, I just want to know why my wife was in your car. Akif says that he only sent his driver to bring him a paper, he doesn’t know what happened between Khadija and his driver, maybe they had already dated each other, maybe his wife was deceived. But he gets angry and fights with Akif.
Akif pulls a gun on Vali and threatens him, and then tells him that he took his wife to talk and asks Vali not to pursue this issue. But he will fight with him again. Akef pushes him and Vali is thrown down from the building.
The workers gather around Vali and Akif, who makes sure that no one has seen him, takes his gun and goes downstairs and tells them to call an ambulance.
Death of Khadijah, mother of siblings

Asiyah, Omar and Amal go to the hospital and hear about Qadir and decide to go see their mother. But the doctors do not allow the visit. Orhan also came to the hospital, Ismat calls him and tells him that his brother has fallen and says that he is dead. Orhan falls to the ground and cries, the children are shocked and cry, and Asieh runs to the ICU and shouts, “Mom says Dad is dead, come to your senses” and her mother’s heart stops there. Doctors try but fail to save Khadijah. Khadija dies in front of her four children.

Akef tells the workers not to tell the police that he was a company worker because he did not have insurance and to say that Akef was not there at the time of the accident and leaves.

Nabahat tells Melissa about the death of Khadijah and Wali. Melissa gets upset and cries and thinks about the bracelet she got from Khadija and her memory with her. Susan, Nabahet and Melissa decide to go to his funeral and Harika says she won’t go.

At the funeral ceremony, Shangul says that the children should live with their aunt in Europe, the aunt leaves the gathering under the pretext of visiting the children.

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Asiya and Amal listen to their mother’s voice many times in each other’s arms and cry. The aunt gives them their mother’s wallet with the lottery card that their mother bought and says that if they are lucky, they will win. In the meantime, Shangul informs Asia that tomorrow morning she has to go to the washroom to bathe her parents.

Asiyah bathes her mother and remembers the time when her mother kindly poured water on her head. Umar and Qadir cry in each other’s arms while bathing their father. Then, in the funeral ceremony with the presence of their family and acquaintances, Asieh insists not to take her parents.

Nabahet, Suzan and Melissa also came to the funeral ceremony and Shangul introduced himself to them and heard their condolences and thanked them.
Suzan tells Akif that she is very sad and surprised by this situation, she asks Akif to help their homeless children. Akef again pretends to be ignorant and tries to change the subject by expressing his interest, and Susan tells him that she doesn’t want to meet again and leaves.

Then at Orhan’s house, Shangul brings up the issue of taking care of the children, and the children’s aunt says that because she lives in Germany, it does not mean that they are doing well, and she says that she can only take Amal with her. But the others interfere by separating the children and the argument between the aunt and her husband Shahin, Shangul and Orhan escalates. Ghadeer, who heard part of the discussion, enters and says that they don’t want to be a burden to anyone and that he will take care of his siblings.

Review of the second episode of the brothers and sisters series
But he gets into a fight with Akef for insulting Khadijah and being suspicious.

Akef pushes him and Vali falls down from the building and dies. While the children are waiting for their mother’s recovery in the hospital, they hear this news and Asia cries in the ICU that their father is dead and begs her mother to get better. His mother’s heart stops there and she also dies. The children will bury their parents the next day, and the responsibility of taking care of them falls on the family’s 19-year-old brother, Qadir.

This part of the series was very painful and sad. Did you like this episode?

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