Kardeşlerim Series English Subtitles

Brothers and sisters

Khadijah is a maid who has four children. Ghadeer, Omar, Asia and Amal.

These four siblings who have a close relationship with each other lose both their father and mother after a series of unfortunate events.

With the loss of their dearest family members, these four have nothing to do but take care of each other because they have no one else to take care of them.

After this incident, we see that Akef Atakul, the one who is the cause of all their miseries, opens the doors of the private school he owns to these children and exposes them to a completely new and different life.

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This new life, where the paths of poverty and wealth, criminal and victim intersect, turns everyone into a new person.

But Ghadeer does everything he can to support his family and protect his siblings and keep them together.

But it doesn’t take long for things to happen that show that the death of their parents was not an accident, and this topic pulls the story of the series towards itself.

In the meantime, high school loves, family enmities and the rights of silence that are exchanged give consistency to the story and make the viewer watch the continuation of the story in the following weeks.

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