Kasaba Doktoru Episode 5 English Subtitles


Episode 5 is the fifth episode of season one of “Kasaba Doktoru“. The episode premieres Friday, May 6th, 2022 on TRT1 .

Hakan walks down the aisle with a scar on his face.

He tells Leila that I told you not to appear until you were mentally healthy, but you did not listen to me.

The woman says she wanted to help, but the man, who is her teacher, says there is no need.

I do not want to work in this hospital anymore. He adds that he does not ask anyone for advice, advice or anything like that. Settle and go.

Omar plaintiff gets up and Hakan says if you are right say another word.
The door opens and on the wheelchair, an old man enters with a handkerchief: ارو Mr. Orwell. He calls Hakan and says I have changed you as my doctor. You must act on me.

The manager asks what do you want? Orwell says be quiet.

I want to do the work at the first opportunity.

Ehsan stands behind the door and listens. “We are lucky because I swear we will be famous in hospitals,” he tells Mina.

My guess is that Hakan does not accept the surgery.

Orwell says give everything Hakan has to others. “I said what I had to say,” says Hakan. And he gets up and leaves. Orwell says Hakan Heidner, what a beautiful name.

Do you still want to work with this name? We are going and you plan the action for tomorrow.

Dr. Omar and Leila are in the hallway. Mina tells Leila not to be upset. “I think it ended here,” says Leila. This was the last time. “Why do we all accept that?” Says Barish.

Ehsan says we are going to make progress.

Hakan is surprised and says I did not expect it at all. I do not deal with this situation.

The manager tries to convince her. Hakan says that if I do, it means I have listened to his threat and I am scared.

The manager says we have to stand here because of other patients. The manager tells Mina as if he knows Hakan’s secret.

Hakan goes to get in the car when a girl dressed in green gets in his car.

Hakan asks what gave you that you made me like this? The girl says you know I do not want to hurt anyone. Hakan says you are throwing me in front of that jackal boss. The girl says this is not true. I do not just want the best surgeon in my country to operate, I want you to be free.

Gives him a flash memory. He says this brings you one step closer to freedom.

Leila and Omar are talking. Omar wants to go to Istanbul. He is angry with Hakan. Leila describes Hakan as a doctor. Omar says Kamal Demir. He is the best doctor you will ever see. Do you know him? سان Ehsan Falgoosh is standing.

We go back to the story when a boy attacked the hospital and Hakan stopped him.

He acts and talks about the anger in that boy and that you can wisely put that anger away. Omar is the same child. Who says that everything I have is because of the same Dr. Kamal Demir.

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A new person has entered the hospital. Murad comes and talks to the doctor and asks if he came to the situation you wanted for life. Omar apparently did not go to a dinner program and missed it.

Murad informs Omar what has happened.

A little girl is playing in a playground in a park. The life of the toilet. When he comes out, he sees that he has slipped and is unconscious. Her name is Ada. Life is over and ambulances are calling.

Ada is taken to the hospital and has to stay that day. Leila has not yet been able to speak properly with Hakan. Hakan puts the memory in the computer to see what it is. Sees the kitchen area.

Life enters at the same time. He says he wants to talk about Dr. Leila.

Hakan says what does Leila have to do with you? He put a gun to your head and asked? Hakan refuses. Omar talks about himself and Leila, who do their job, but Hakan thinks it ‘s fake. They talk and get angry.

Now Ada is better, but Omar says you should stay for 8 hours and not sleep. His mother insists they must go. Eventually they are supposed to stay there.

Leila stands in front of Hakan. He says if you have a problem, say it, but not if you have something else to say. Leila sheds tears. Angry Omar walks over to Hakan and protests his behavior. Says I’m prevented. Work leads to fights. Hakan orders Omar to be fired and Mina yells at him.

The manager says that once every 5-6 years, Mina shows herself like this and starts a storm.

He changes the game and Leila stays.

Ada and her mother are leaving, trying to save their lives again.

Tomorrow, Omar resigns and this time Leila tries to dissuade him. Omar enters the room of the manager, Hakan and Mina. Ehsan also wants to dissuade him.

Orwell has come and is following the adventure. Hakan agrees but has some requests. Which are more than the material costs of the operation. “I’m not a cheap doctor,” he says.

“I know your license and you can not ask me anything,” says Orwell. Hakan talks about the fire in the hotel and that two chefs are dying in the hotel kitchen. Orwell says you have no evidence. Hakan says he saw the movie. And he says if you want I can give it to you because I have a copy of it.

Threatens to hand over the film to reporters. In that case, the hotel owner will be sent to prison.

“I went to the street without knowing where I wanted to go,” says Leila. My wrist was injured in the accident. Three years after the accident, I tried to heal both my wrist and my psyche.

Then I went and became a heart surgeon. I did Pilates. “So you never thought of me,” Omar says. Omar wants to leave when Leila says I miss you. When there is nothing to do

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Be appetizing, do not work, you will miss such moments. I do everything to not miss you. Omar asks because I’m going, do you say? ‌ Leila answers that maybe you want to hear that too. We do not treat each other well.

Omar is leaving when Mina asks him to visit a patient before leaving. The same patient who cut off his hand when he beheaded the chicken.

Hakan has summoned Leila. Hakan asks him to come closer to examine his hand. He asks for three reasons why you want to stay here. Leila answers I want to learn. I want to hear from you. I want to do a joint operation with you one day. This is my dream.

Mina asks him why he left Omar and says that he did not like this hospital at all.

I see no reason for myself here. I do not want to be a good doctor.

I want to be the best doctor. I do not belong here. Mina asks Dr. Do you think Dr. Hakan is a good doctor or the best doctor?

Not a good patient now. Omar takes care of him too. It is an emergency. In special cases, it cures the problem of a dying patient by hand.

Erol enters to prepare for surgery. Dr. Yalchin is also given the hospital financial report. Reassures him that his position is established. “I came for surgery,” says Orwell. He is informed that they agree.

List the medical staff and show it to him. But Orwell says I want Hakan to act on me. The phone rings immediately. Hakan says I do.

He wants a list of equipment that he can buy for him. Ultrasound and other equipment such as the latest model anesthesia. Various medical devices. Dr. Yalchin is surprised to learn that he wants to go to that hospital.

He wishes to introduce Dr. Hakan. The fire movie is playing. Last night. Injured personnel. Someone is rescuing personnel. He went into the fire to save people. He is the doctor. He threatens doctors that if Hakan’s full identity is revealed, everyone will have trouble working in any hospital.

A man comes to the hospital looking for Eda and her mother. His name is Vedad. He says do not be afraid anymore. I’m before you.

We return to meet Leila and Dr. Hakan. He says Leila can stay here. Leila is happy. Hakan says I said you can stay here but I did not say continue to visit patients. I want to stay as a service. I want to be sure that I can leave the lives of the sick to you. Leila is shocked but says I will do it. Mina wonders how she accepted?

Yalcin, the director of Googoosh Ak Private Hospital, calls the hospital director, Turgut. Looking for Hakan’s real name. He is shouting. Turgut says nothing.

Eda’s head still hurts. He is examined. Ada asks where is Uncle Omar? My head does not hurt. I lied. I’m not afraid of you, I’m afraid of that man. Mina asks Babat? We understand that he is not the father of Ada.

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Eda’s mom says did you not see the baby? Woodat says you can not escape. We find out that he and his mother are running away from the man. They were going to her grandmother’s house. Hakan also understands and takes care of the baby. The police officer also says do you want me to catch him? Hakan says we must act wisely. Inform the police to send a team. They also bring Eda’s mother and reassure her. Vadat is handcuffed.

Eventually Omar comes and sees Eda and hugs her.

An emergency arrives. Has a fracture and cardiac arrest. Omar takes care of it. Explains the patient’s problems to Hakan. It’s not what he did, but he says I can do it. Hakan wants sheets. Together they help solve the problem. Hakan speaks again of anger in life. That he left it. That he came here with anger. Welcome to real life doctor. When Hakan leaves, Omar comes to him and says that you were in that hospital but his name was not Hakan at that time. It was perfection. Hakan is surprised. He says are you okay? What are these weird names? He denies.

We go to the memories of life. Where he wrote a letter to Dr. Kamal and he was his role model. He takes this letter to the hospital. It was written in the letter that I do not want what happened to my father to happen to anyone else. I will never forget the words you told me.

Bolent wants her to come and pick him up for her hospital. Yalchin asks him and they say that sending you somewhere else was our mistake and he apologizes. He welcomes.

Yalchin calls Mina and asks her, so when did you want to tell me? ‌ Or better to ask, did you want to tell me? I understood correctly. You did not mean to say. After all this time, you got along perfectly. Tell me his new name. Hakan. Mina says there is nothing you can do. He wants to play Orwell. Then it will have a power that you can not stand against. what do you want from me? Do you want to fire me? I have written my resignation. Yalchin says, “Have I ever done anything to hurt you? Just tell me, how did you get satisfied and did you get into this game?” Just a smile was enough.

Omar, who wants to go, says Ehsan, “I will not let him go because your story is here.” Stay here. Here is what you are looking for. What you are looking for are good co-workers, friendship, intimacy. Omar asks Do you have a purpose? ‌ Do you know anything about Dr. Hakan? Ehsan says I swear and I can not say. Omar says then I will go. Ehsan says Kamal Demir. You know I’m not good, God , And repents.

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