Kasaba Doktoru Episode 7 English Subtitles

Dr. Hakan and his team rush to the hospital and see Dr. Blunt and his crew.

Dr. Hakan, angry to see them, asks why they came to Oluchinar.

From now on, they also work with them in Oluchinar. Hakan tells Burke that his father loves him very much and refuses to send him to the hospital alone. Blunt says that Yalchin made this decision for the health and recovery of the hospital Hakan asks Blunt to tell the truth.

Blunt says that yesterday, when Dr. Yalcin visited the hospital, he realized that the only thing they needed was equipment and sent them here. Hakan angrily rushed to his room.

Turgut followed him and said: That Yalchin has sent them an assistant and they can not get them out.

Hakan calls Orul.

He says that they have a shortage of personnel and knows everything. Hakan says sarcastically that it is clear that Yalchin loves him very much. Who is happy and hangs up the phone.

Leila and Omar are sitting in the hospital pavilion when Murat enters.

Leila hugs him and is happy to be there.

Murat complains to Leila that he has not heard from his friends for five years and in difficult times.

He should have approached his friend first. Omar asks Murat whether he is on the side of Master Yalchin or Master Hakan? He arrives. He tells Omar that he hopes he will forget what happened yesterday and think about the future of their cooperation. Omar asks how his father agreed to send him to the hospital. He had called and said that he should go to Olu Chinar and defeat Omar this time and then turn him into the youngest senior doctor of Gomushuk to be his successor. Burke comes out of the past and says that his father is a fair man. And it does not differentiate between anyone.
Bahar goes to Mina and the nurses under his supervision and says that from now on they are both senior nurses and they should inform him about everything, otherwise he will inform Master Blunt. Then he tells the nurses that Adam It is very orderly and they have to adapt to this situation. After spring is gone, Mina, who is angry with Bahar’s behavior, tells everyone that nothing should happen.

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Ehsan shows Dr. Blunt the hospital and takes him to his room.

Dr. Blunt complains about everything, then tells Ehsan that Dr. Yalchin has big plans for his future and that he is supposed to be the director of coordination between Oluchinar and Gumushuk Hospital, instead he has to inform him all the details and news of the hospital.

Ehsan is happy and accepts. Blunt continues his words and says that they want to put this hospital in order and people with The old mentality like Dr. Hakan has left the hospital behind, and after Orwell’s operation, Dr. Hakan leaves the hospital.

Ehsan wants to protest, but Blunt says it is time to choose his front. Ehsan is shocked and He does not know what to say. Blunt gives him some money in an envelope and says that this is his first salary and Yalchin sent it personally.

Ehsan is tempted and on the other hand he does not want to betray Dr. Hakan and have a guilty conscience.

He closes his eyes and repeats to himself several times that everything is because of Oluchinar Hospital and accepts the money.

Omar is sitting in the hospital yard, calling his friend Karam and asking him to give him the information about his mother’s medical record.

Omar enters the hospital and sees Leila and Bahar talking.

Bahar tells Leila that she is very sad about Dr. Jank’s death and has not had time to offer her condolences. Leila remembers the accident and her eyes She bursts into tears.

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Bahar apologizes for deliberately upsetting her. Omar recalls seeing Dr. Jank and Bahar talking to each other in the past, and Bahar telling Jank that he is two years old. He is procrastinating, Jank had said in response to Bahar that he had never promised her. Omar brings an excuse and takes Dr. Leila with him.

He says on the way that it is clear that spring does not have a good nature.

Baktash is sweeping out of the hospital when a man with a knife and bloody clothes asks for help and he immediately faints. Baktash swallows the patient and takes him inside the hospital. Dr. Hakan and his team rush to the hospital. At the same time, another patient with a heart attack was brought to the hospital.

Yalçینn is walking in the corridor of the hospital when he sees Omar and tells him that he is very talented and valuable to them. Omar says that he does not know what is going on between Hakan and Yalçin and it only matters to him that Yalchin says that one side is Hakan Psychic and the other is Noor Cheshmi John Yan, Yalchin’s teacher, then he does not care who he is on?

Omar says that Yalchin preferred his son to him, but Hakan despite He does not like to show him the way at the right time. Yalchin says that it is as if he has chosen his side.

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