Kasaba Doktoru Episode 8 English Subtitles

The hostage-taking in the name of Najdat is inside the operating room and he has taken Leila hostage.

Dr. Hakan does not care about her words and continues the operation. He tries to pull back. At the same time, Burke pushes him to free Leila, but the knife in Najdat’s hand hits Leila’s wrist and her blood spills on the ground. Najdat holds Leila again.

And he says that if they make an extra move, he will kill her. Omar asks him for permission to bandage Leila’s hand. Najdat accepts. Hakan says that he will finish the operation in half an hour and then do whatever he wants. With the patient. Najdat accepts.

Outside the operating room, the police take the people out of the hospital and the special forces enter the hospital. The police chief calls Turgut’s phone. Turgut puts the phone on the speaker. Najdat’s daughter talks to him and while she is crying, she tells her father that she is waiting for him with her mother outside the hospital and she is a little scared.

Next, Hakan finishes the surgery and tells Najdat that the patient is paralyzed and can not walk for the rest of his life, so it might be better to leave him alive and return to his family himself. They look. He releases Leila and everyone leaves the operating room. Najdat tries to stab the patient with a knife while crying, but then gives up and sits in a corner. The police enter the operating room. And arrests Najdat.

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Shabka Burke calls his father and tells him the story and praises Dr. Hakan for managing his crisis. The speed is slowed down and this leads to the patient being paralyzed. Yalchin is happy. Burke also informs Leila about her suicide.

Yalçینn calls Blunt and asks him to find out if Hakan is involved in Leila’s suicide. He then asks her to put Hakan in a situation where he gets caught and she makes a mistake.

Blunt goes to the hospital’s management office and talks to Hakan in the presence of Turgut and Ehsan. He is alone with the patient in the operating room. He says that he thinks aboutt the good of the hospital and it is better that this news does not leak anywhere.

The story goes. Blunt says that the patient is paralyzed and this is definitely due to Hakan’s mistake. Hakan gets angry and says that this was already possible. Blunt says that he is a good doctor, but anyone can. Hakan gets up and has to pay for his mistake. Hakan gets up and says that if he has any evidence, he should turn around and if not, he should not say nonsense. Then he leaves the room.

At night in the hospital, Leila is going to the residence when Yalchin calls her and says that she has come to see him from a distance. Leila quickly goes to the hospital yard. Yalchin sees her and hugs her. Then He asks why he did not tell her that he had committed suicide?

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Leila asks where he heard the news from? There is no difference between her and her child and she has taken care of him. Leila says sadly that she regrets what she did and it was just a sad period in her life and now it is over. Leila insists that he stay in the same hospital. Yalchin accepts and says that he is taking care of her from afar.

Tomorrow morning, two inspectors from Gomushk Hospital come to Olu Chinar and want to talk to Hakan.

Hakan says he has no such opinion and the surgery was extremely difficult. Turgut says they have submitted the full report to the authorities.

Investigators say they need to prepare another report and Hakan has to answer their questions. Hakan says he has nothing more to say and has already said everything. Turgut guides the inspectors out of the office.

Leila is talking to the nurses in the ward, but Ehsan rushes to her and says that the psychologist came from Gomushk Hospital and wants to talk to her. Leila is a little scared and goes to the library with Ehsan.

She wants to enter Be the room where Bahar rushes to her and puts a ring in her hand and says that she found it in her room a long time ago, but did not have a chance to give it to her. Leila takes the ring and He remembers that Jenk had given it to him when he asked for marriage.

Omar, who understands the spring plan, goes to him and says that he knows that he has a relationship with Dr. Jank, and if he bothers Leila again, he tells everyone.

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Leila goes to a psychologist. The psychologist says that she had a wound on her hand, exactly where she had cut it for suicide a few years ago, and they thought that what might have happened might have happened.

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