Kasaba Doktoru Series Episode 9 English Subtitles


Hakan and his team quickly take Ehsan, who was stabbed, to the operating room.

Inspector Ali stops Hakan and says that he will lose his job forever if he performs this surgery, given that he is suspended.

He makes a mocking smile at the inspector and does not care. Anwar attacks the inspector and punches him in the face, the nurses can hardly separate the two.

Hakan undertakes surgery.

Mineh informs that Ehsan’s blood type is negative like Hakan and they do not have blood to inject him.

During Hakan’s surgery, he becomes ill, but he continues the surgery and Ehsan is saved from death by his efforts. When Hakan leaves the operating room, the inspector sees him and says that he is done. And he never practices medicine again.
Hakan says that the important thing is that he saved his friend’s life and his conscience is calm.

Leila stands on the bridge and looks at the cars under her feet.

She wants to throw herself down, but she gives up.
At the same time, Omar talks to Burke on the phone.

Burke says that Leila left him alone in the restaurant and left only a note in which he wrote that he should look for the answer to a question. Omar says that he knows where Leila went and made the call. Hangs up.

Leila goes to Gomushk Hospital and follows Professor Karam, the psychologist who interviewed her.

She tells the psychologist that she has understood the answer to her last question. The psychologist asked her as the last question that she still wants to be herself. Leila was silent in response.

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Leila tells Master Karam that she has endured a lot of pain in her life. , But now he knows that the meaning of his life is pain, but he still goes on living.

The teacher says that he wished he had said this before, because he wrote the report. He wants to take it to Turgut ‌.

He reads the report outside Leila Hospital.

Master Karam wrote in the report that the community needs a devoted doctor like Leila.

Leila is happy to see Omar and tell the story.

Omar tells Leila to go to the hospital sooner to get her resignation back.

They hold hands and are leaving when Burke sees them.

Hakan calls Master Karam and asks him about his daughter Ozlem.

He says that he still remembers Ozlem because he was his youngest patient.

Master Karam thanks him and says that he owes his daughter’s life to her. He says that now he knows why he has been working at Oluchinar Hospital, because he has a great team.

Salah Hospital should not write his report against him.

Mina goes to Hakan’s office to inform him of Ehsan’s health.

Hakan shows Mina the photo that Arezoo sent him and asks him why he met Yalchin?

Mineh says that she tries to take care of Hakan and the people of this hospital and Yalchin can do anything .Mineh asks if she does not trust him? See, he had more confidence.

The disease comes to the emergency room with a foreign body stuck in the throat. Dr. Murat is busy and there is no one to take care of the patient. Ipri treats the patient himself. Mineh and Anwar see him.

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Some time later, Ipri sits in Turgut’s office and Hakan and Mina are present. And the patient’s life has been the most important thing. Torgot says it should not be repeated because the inspector is in the hospital and they should not give him a new iron.

The smuggler works, he is rejected, and if he wants to continue working in the hospital, he must have a strong supporter.

Bahar stops him and says that if he does not accept because of his interest in Dr. Hakan and his team, Hakan will be fired because of him and all the hospital managers because of him.

They will be punished, but if he accepts his offer, he will stop this situation.

Ipri goes to her room after thinking for a while and gathers her things.

Then she leaves the hospital crying.
Leila and Omar are sitting in the car together and return to the hospital.

On their way, they see a chain accident. They get out of the car and go to help people.

Leila calls the emergency services. Omar also calls Hakan. He calls and asks her to prepare the hospital.

Meanwhile, Inspector Ali, who had beaten Anwar, came to the hospital with the police and complained to Hakan.

At the same time, the patients arrive at the hospital by ambulance.

One of the injured is the inspector’s little girl, who is bleeding and needs to be operated on immediately.

The inspector’s wife argues with him and says that another doctor is not there and Hakan has to perform the operation.

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A few hours later, Hakan operated on the girl.

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