Kelileh va Demneh Serial Part 3


Shiro and his colleague are playing guitar all over the cafe and people are sitting in the cafe and having fun.

Khomar and Khotan are sitting in the yard, Khomar says they lost their home and life and were displaced in exile.

Khotan says the tension is healthy, they return to Dasht-e Naz and rebuild their homes.

Khomar is worried about what people are saying and Khotan says it does not concern anyone, they are deer and do not need a van.

Khomar tells how Uncle Jubair says he stole his van. At the same time, his phone rings and he is Uncle Jubayr. The van has no problems on the way and is in the luxury parking lot of the park apartment.

Tishila argues with Awwi and says that expelling them is a violation of the rights of animals, including migratory animals.

Awwqi says he is an agent and excuse him, Tishila to call herself Ghal. Tishila says that she has not heard about money until she saw it, she put her tail on her back and left.

Qoochi throws the ball to Atai again, Auqi says the lobby is not a place to play football, and Qoochi wants him to allow his father to play in the park when he returns. Tishila threatens Awwi, who will film a hangover in the park and publish it in cyberspace. Awwqi also says please.

But he does not allow the ram to go to the park, he asks him to watch TV so that his father can come back and see if he has been able to find the car.

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Khomar is singing and Khotan is crying when they notice that Tishila is taking pictures of them, she says do not worry and will take away their rights. Khomar says he does not like their photos to be in cyberspace.

“Do they want to sit in the park like that?” And whenever you say something bad to your head, the truth goes away.
Hani takes cookies for Shirbano and Shir Al-Muluk gets nervous about her intrusion.

Hani says that he brought cookies for the boys’ milk, everyone asks God to take cookies for them, Shir al-Muluk says that they do not touch these rubbish, the milk that eats cookies is not milk.

Hani asks Shirbano what to do for the deer who have stolen their belongings and are displaced in the park, and Shir al-Muluk realizes that the neighbors were not cheetahs. Shirbano wants to cover up, but Hani keeps repeating. Shirbanoo says that Shir al-Muluk misunderstood the meaning of Hani Cheetah. Shir al-Muluk says that his ear is not so heavy.

Shiro and Samurai are playing and singing in the cafe and the teenager is watching.Khomar sees a vegetable pizza in a cafe and wants to buy it, but Khotan reminds him that they have no money.

Khotan says they eat a few leaves from the trees, but Khomar says all of these trees are artificial and are green all year round without the need for water.


Khotan says that this is where they came from, that they are artificial trees, and that the lion is making instruments instead of eating them.

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The young man approaches the two women, praises them and says that he has been drawn to them.

At the same time, Ms. Turkey comes and looks for the young tail, Monsieur says he was here but not now, he’s messed up the cafe and tells Monsieur to tell the young tail that I will find him and take revenge.

Teshila, who works in a cafe, says that the other teenager has gotten dirty.

Mr. Owl smokes, drinks coffee, and writes literary texts.

In the lobby, Atai asks the ram to play silently with his phone, and he replies, “Can he read silently?” At the same time, a joke came from the pool and the cold water was called laughter. He jokes that the pipes were pulled from the North Pole and he jokes.

Awwqi says that the engine room has a problem and he did not have time to visit the engine room today.

Awwqi says he can’t because Quchanbek also gave him a ram, but Katie says he is in charge of the building and the deer work is not up to him, he leaves Kit Kat and leaves.

The fortune-teller gives a free omen to the hangover and says that he pays for the house, first they were there and then Ghal built a building on them.

The meaning of the omen is to find the van and the addict is happy.

Katie is sitting in the cafe next to the two women and one of them fortune-telling coffee for him and says that his wife is interested in him and money and Katie says he should do the same because he is Persian.

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Kat Kat cries and asks Auqi to give him fruit, finally a ram calms him down with Ba’a Baa, Hani tries to seduce him for the hangover and circumcision of the cooked alfalfa cutlet and Atai. He does not have to look at his forehead.

Hani goes to hangovers and circumcision and says that it is better that they do not stay, Ghal puts a hat on their heads, Shir al-Muluk also eats them and the neighbors are salty. It is his own fault that he has not married all the suitors, but he realizes that they have fallen asleep, wakes them up, and says that he wants to tell them his story.
Sher Khan gives the charge for a month and says that due to the expenses, he will pay the overdue charge with the next month, owes to him who works in the circus.

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