Kelileh va Demneh Serial

Kalileh and Demeneh town

The latest doll product of Marzieh Broumand, creator of Zizigolo, School of Mice, and Grandmother’s House.

A half-hearted work from Namava. The story of two mute deer who come to Tehran from the city and live in a house.

The residents of the house are each an animal and are involved with the customs and principles of urbanism. The lion sings and the mother’s milk is in the sorrow of the past. The kind bear is not allowed to use the elevator and so on.

بیشتر ببینید:

Pooste Shir Serial

After airing several episodes of this series, a part of it became marginal where two male and female characters (voiced by Lili Rashidi and Behzad Omrani) talk to each other about relationship and marriage. The male character has a negative attitude towards marriage and calls it an abyss. The woman is saddened by his words and cries.

It was after these events that other aspects were found. Even Satra announced that this work has not yet received sufficient permission, Marzieh Broumand also sarcastically said that this series is being made for 12-year-olds. Children of the 60s, 70s, and 80s who may have children themselves. I don’t think the smoking scene or a sentence that is not a bad sentence at all will seriously damage your children’s psyche. Please be careful elsewhere.

In the continuation of these controversies, what happened was the suspension of the show and probably the production of the continuation of the puppet series of Kalileh and Demeneh.

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