Khatoon serial Part 23 – The last episode


The Russian commissioner is sitting in the hotel when Colonel Malik arrives with Marie. Marie asked him to come. They brought Mary’s mother letters to her. He says he will bring the mother to you to know the wedding date. I keep my word. They can go up to their mother.

Colonel Malek, who is sitting, tells the commissioner how good it was that you came. He says he has set a trap that you can complete in your own name and return to the army. Malik says I will not return even with your rotten rope. The commissioner says that even if I say that I will leave Reza Fakhar in the operation? What do you want to do with him? It happens to you or to others, but I thought it was more beautiful to you. Duel of two lovers with each other. But this time you win. Asks the woman with them? The commissar says that the woman is in fact the prey of the trap that has been spread for them. Do you cooperate? If not, there is no reason to explain further.

In the next scene, Jahangir Roozbeh is detained in a cell. He wants to send a message to someone, but the jailer refuses to talk to him. The next time he tries, someone comes up and says you have an appointment and you have no more than 5 minutes. Comments. “I begged Rajabov to let me go until morning,” he says. Cigarettes brought for Roozbeh. Roozbeh says they want to take the woman to Siberia. Opinion. If they take it, I will not see it again. My hand is not tied anywhere. Go to Mir Azim Garage, Qazvin Gate. In front of you is great. You tell him what’s going on. You say to find Reza Fakhar under the rock and save his wife. He can.

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The woman is under arrest and wants to be someone to talk to.

Mir Azim and Fakhar are watching a place prepared for the operation. Mir Azim asks him for a weapon.

When the woman is taken away, the operation begins. The woman is captured and held by the Jewish rabbis. They see Ghafoor and rebuke him. They think he has exposed others. Ghafoor, however, speaks in defense of them. Reza and Khatoon get together. Iran is a kind hand. Reza reports that they have also taken your uncle.

The armies are on their way. The woman says she is Shirzad. they are fleeing. Shirzad says that no one should shoot. I did not allow him to shoot. He asks Reza Fakhar to surrender. And he says with this card, you are going to kill a woman and everyone. Reza says that if you eat jam, they will make holes. The lady says let’s go. Do you want to deport me? Shirzad says I will not allow them to deport me. Shirzad says they have baited you to tear everyone to pieces. Mir Azim asks: Why do you always face us?

Commissar Rajabov is watching from a distance and he lowers the camera and says they are not here to kill. We are wasting time. Command the attack.

The rabbis are informed that the infantry are coming. Shirzad says you still do not want to believe? ‌ Khatoon says Reza Bia now we all have to stand together. Unless you see his forces lined up, they can not die for us. Shirzad shouts that these are no longer insiders who stand by my word. Shooting begins.

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The lady’s father is jumping when he is shot. The woman gets up from her father’s bed, where Rajabov’s bullet hits him. Reza and Shirzad run towards the woman together. Mir Azim Rajabov is shot. Russian forces are just joining the previous ones. Shirzad also reaches the top of the woman. He reported that he escaped but was wounded and was captured.

Shirzad goes without hearing what his wife wants to say about their son’s Iran, and he and Reza are besieged by the Russian occupiers.

Rajabaf limps to Shirzad and Reza. He puts a bullet in his shotgun. می‌چرخاند. He picks up Shirzad’s hat and puts a gun to his skull to shoot. He shoots but there are no bullets in it. Shirzad survives. He tells her that she was not lucky enough to die in your own country. They get in his car. After that, it is Mir Azim’s turn. He asks him how old is he? ع Mir Azim rides. Now it is Reza Fakhar’s turn. Rajabov says the northern front is at war. Food and ammunition must arrive at any cost. Neither you nor anyone else can pave the way for this bridge to victory. We stay in Iran or any other country as long as we want. You killed all those who died. Reza also rides. It is Farhad’s turn. He eats a check and gets on board. The woman is hiding under the train.

When the train leaves, the woman comes out from under the train in the train depot. He returns to his homeland with a wounded body, injured and only on the train tracks.

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There is an inscription on the picture that I wish history was not like that and at the end of this story, we were a victorious people, but the occupation of Iran continued until 1324. According to the agreement, after the end of the war, Britain and the United States withdrew their forces from Iran, but the Soviet Union promised to stay and stay in Iran. The Soviet Union, with the support of the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan and the Mahabad Autonomous Movement, sought to disintegrate Iran in addition to northern oil. And the Soviet army was forced to leave Iran in 1325.

The fate of the children of this land was lost in the pages of history in the midst of this dispute, which was entered into without any reason and despite the declaration of neutrality.

But in spite of all the hostilities, intrigues and wars, what was left of the screams in the chests of the women and the screams and struggles of the men was Iran.

One day Iran became the bridge of victory for the Allies and saw the wounds, but it remained.

Payendeh Iran.

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