Khoobi 26 Doble | Recap

Khoobi 31 Doble Recap

Neslihan is Murat’s ex-wife and the mother of their two children named Batu and Nehir. She is now in a romantic relationship with a man named Kray.

Murat, Neslihan’s ex-husband, is now involved with a woman named Damla. Damla is jealous of Neslihan and wants to eliminate her from Murat’s life.

Neslihan realizes that Damla is plotting against her and wants to take revenge. She decides to devise a plan to separate Murat from Damla so that she can resume her relationship with him.

In the meantime, Damla and Neslihan get into a confrontation and threaten each other. Neslihan wants to avenge herself from Damla and Damla tries to prevent her.

In essence, the story involves the conflict and attempts of Neslihan and Damla to push each other out of Murat’s life and regain him.

Khoobi 26 Doble | Recap

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