Khosoof Part 30 – Last Episode


Amir came to Atieh’s house.

Maryam informed him of Amir’s arrival.

Atieh says do not interfere in my life. Amir says be with any donkey you want to be.

But if something happens to Reyhaneh, I know and you.

The future is sad. Amir is desperate. Both have hated and are facing each other.

Amir says that he wished I had woken up and seen that the future is the same as 4 years ago, for which things were important.

I was very happy when you came back. I said at least he is alive and I can see him.

Amir asks So what else do you want to do? Have you said anything or done nothing? say.
I’m here. Both shed tears.

I remember you said something that if you tell me I will not set foot in that house anymore. Say no more, get rid of it. The first denies. Amir shouts. Atieh says I lied. Amir has not said a word.

Amir takes out a ring and says that it reminds me of all the good memories that you destroyed.

A girl who cared more about others than she did about herself. You ruined it.
He puts the ring on the table and leaves. The future is crying.

At Mahtab Cafe, he says that one should do something so that if one regrets an hour later, one can put everything back in place.

Atieh comes to the hospital.

Samira wipes the blood from her face and is locked. Alireza imprisoned him at home. He comes back some time later and says how soon you got up. How heavy was the boy’s hand.

You stuck something. Let’s walk, doctor. Ha? Now, God willing, you will be fine. I bought ice cream.

A rich tradition that you like. It is also good for the deck and mouth. it’s cold.

Bleeding stops.

Remember how old we used to eat ice cream. before marriage.

Remember how far we went for an ice cream. Why didn’t we eat ice cream together anymore? I was very basic. Your head was busy.

He puts the ice cream in front of him and says hit. Take your life.

It’s very useful for you to be familiar these days. It takes about ten minutes.

I had a friend from the university who now has an office. I said that my wife wanted to give a power of attorney. She did my job to sell all the property. I was supposed to sign and take it.

What property did you own? You read these.

Signature and fingerprint. Samira wants to escape.

Samira tries to have a dialogue but Alireza refuses.

Asks where did you put the documents? Eat ice cream and sign so I can come back.

Samira says why should I cook and cook with your consent against you?

I will compensate God. Do you hear my voice? Alireza says yes, I hear. You paid for it by signing it.

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What to eat for dinner? Is the pizza good? Existence? Existence!

Roozbeh talks about her love and that she told her father in the hospital above Reyhaneh.

He says are you happy? I knew you would be happy. Reyhaneh is also closed with her eyes closed.

Roozbeh is talking about Reyhaneh’s body being strong and that she is indoctrinating herself and her.

There are tears. I

n the face of Mehrab, Roozbeh says, “Why are you here now at all? Go to the company to get to your work.” If he becomes paralyzed, I will stay by his side.

Khosoof Part 30 - Last Episode
Khosoof Part 30 – Last Episodej

Samin and Farzaneh are blamed for why the police came to their house. In the conflict, he sighs and inadvertently kills Ehsan in the conflict, and we see a review in his mind about their relationship and its beginning.

On the other hand, Razi is pursuing banking. He spills the money and asks someone to transfer it today. At any cost. But he gets 80% of the money through a lawyer. After that, he comforts Afzali that he does not need to take Alireza’s nonsense seriously.

Tomorrow morning, Alireza wakes up and continues his strange treatment of Samira. Samira says divorce me. Alireza said, “Why did you not think I would give it? You will forgive all the dowries.”

I will do it. Samira says today is tomorrow. Alireza says how late I found out.

That day in Mahtab Cafe, where Amir and Atieh were in the cafe and I saw you for the first time, I really fell in love with you.

I gave you my house, I did not miss the water.

I never told you no? That house was mine. That’s how I loved you. He wants to take his ring out of his hand.

It can hardly. He throws it at Samira and tells her to get up, pack your things and go out.

Alireza talks to Razi and says that those who sent me to beat him were zealous.

I have become a professional now. Razi denies it altogether. Razi says that they have taken your person and I told him to let them know that they are coming after you. I’m worried.

It would be bad for you if this cove they got involved in the story of the great Afzali.

Razi also denies it. Razi says yes, I killed him, you can never eat him. Alireza is with Afzali.

It has proved to him that work is a pleasure. He says Alireza, I will not leave him without a father. And goes.

At home, Mehrab realizes that Razi had not been deposited against him, contrary to what he had said. When Razi gets in his car in the parking lot, someone strangles him. Alireza is in the company and asks the secretary, “Do you know about the engineer?” He says he does not answer. Alireza jokes about their relationship.

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Mehrab is in his office when Alireza enters.

Alireza asks, “Are you looking for satisfaction?

You are unlikely to find it.” Because if he has not left the country yet, he is definitely on his way out.

Mehrab asks how do you know? Alireza says it does not matter. What matters is what I want now.

Summary: My rights. Myself. My father too. My mother too.

My uncle’s mother. You know that. I’m very family friendly.

The blood money of this foot that you threw to this day is also. feel sure. My mind is on Josh. I feel better than ever because I know that after a lifetime of dog running, at least I know my future is bright and my hand is very full. A pen of the government currency you got

You imported a thousand kinds of fire and garbage with it and threw the rest in the market. A corrupt relationship with a minister and a lawyer is another matter. I will send everything to the inspection organization to do something. And you go behind bars. You should be very grateful to me for having my uncle’s air. Where did you start? From a workshop that was inherited from my grandfather. You made it big by making and baking it, which is not considered for you at all now.
How old was he? 25 years? I am now 35 years old. I know it’s too late, but I finally have to start somewhere.

Mehrab asks what do you want? Alireza says that I am not so ignorant that now that your daughter is in the corner of the hospital, I can count books with you. I am no longer the former Alireza. Mehrab tells the secretary to call me if you find Razi.

Mehrab goes to Atieh’s house. Arman is behind the iPhone. Comes to the door. He says he picked up Saksh yesterday and returned to Turkey. Mehrab is startled by the car. We see him below the future photos in the villa.

The future is in the house of the moon. They drink coffee. Mahtab says that Reza died a few days ago. Atieh asks who is Reza? The moonlight gives him the address to know. In our youth, we fell in love with this famous mistress. We were going to get married. She said her family forced her to marry someone else. I suddenly felt the world empty under my feet and I was thrown into a vacuum. I hated him. Then I decided to forget about it. I opened a cafe to see people coming and going. I feel you are in the right place now. Where you learned to forgive. Atieh gives him a piece of paper and tells him to leave it to Amir. One for Mehrab. The property he named after him. I also have a trust that I promised to bring back here.

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The text of Atieh’s letter to Amir:
One thinks of many things until one is young. He puts his foot on the ground as if the ground could not support his weight. But then he realizes he has gone wrong in many places. Not everything is sensory. I loved you Amir Vali, I wish I had finished the day you returned from the airport. When you said that your relationship with Asma was not serious, I believed you because I was interested in you. I put my foot in the middle of the lives of two people who were interested in each other. When we saw and felt each other, we loved each other. Everything seemed so good to us that it was as if we were blind. Life is like a domino game where the first mistake causes the next and the next and the next. We should not have gone to Ghiasi’s house. We should not have run away. We should not have smuggled across the border. I should not have lost myself and buried myself. But it was. Just like a domino. When they told me about your death, I told them I would remain faithful to you and live alone for the rest of my life. 4 years after I realized that you are alive and you are living your life, the world fell on my head. The distance between love and hate is very small. Give me the right that I felt I had to take revenge on everyone. I was very oppressed and I wanted to respond to this oppression with oppression and burn your quiet life. I made a mistake. Take care of your life, Amir. Take care of your son, Asma, I know they love you. I have come to terms with myself and I have no grudges against you. I am calmly going to a new life. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your sweet little boy peace. Meet the Resurrection.

On the beach in Istanbul, a motorbike delivers a baby girl to him. She hugs him.

Samira arrives at a cafe. She is with an old man. He says you sent a message to see me. Samira says I have been following your holding for several years. The man says tell the main point. Samira says I want to help. The answer is that from the same help you gave to Engineer Mehrab? It is a sanatorium now. Samira says that their own engineers made a mistake. I warned him several times, but they got into an emotional relationship that hit him. Talks about the Chabahar project. The man says why were you expelled from the city council? What do you want instead of the help you give? ‌ Samira tells me to be by your side.

The end of the eclipse series.

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