Khosoof Serial Part 26


Before we see the 26th episode of the series Eclipse, it is useful to review the story so far. So far, we have learned that Alireza came to Samin’s house with his own identity. Alireza does not reveal to Samin that he knows he is in the business of drugging. Alireza says that you beat your poor parents and Samira too. You are wrong, you think you do not remember. Come see him. He enjoys seeing you.

Samin says I’m comfortable and I’m living my life. Alireza says do you know where Samira is and what she is doing? Whoever was in Samira’s place, 6 families here and 6 families there were closed. Member of the city council. Samin says I do not know how to hang myself. He also hung on to you and fell into the path of growth. I do not want to see him. Where did you get the address here? Alireza says CCTV. You’re going to steal. Where? My uncle’s house. Wanting to call the police, I did not. I got your number from my daughter. I called you to get the material.

. I knocked you down. I got here. This can be summarized and useful. Save my number. I do not like my sister to be a criminal. We all need to help you get organized. Waiting for me to watch. Alireza leaves and leaves. Samin tells Farzaneh what a bitch she is? Her friend asks do you really not want to go and see Samira? Samin says I did not want to show myself eager, but my question is why does he insist so much on connecting us?

Amir has decided to close his company. The comrades are protesting. Eventually he informs the employees that the company is closed.

Alireza calls a real estate consultant. Amir introduces himself and says that with a budget of 600 to 800 thousand liras, I am looking for a house in Istanbul. 23 items can be found to buy a house in Istanbul, Turkey. He says, “Fax the cases for me in the name of Amir Sanaei.” The children inform Asma that he wants to close the company. Asma says, “Well, let him do it.”

In the Moonlight Cafe. Atieh and Amir see each other. Amir says I want to help you run the gallery cafe. Mahtab looks at them sadly. Atieh opposes, saying that he does not have the heart or the mind to think about it. Amir says what are you worried about in the future? I separated my book account from my permanent one. Please separate my account from him. I decide for myself what I want. Atieh says to my uncle.

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I do not think about the things he did and the disasters he caused me. what are you talking about? Amir says because I know you, I know you do not want to be under the religion of someone like my uncle.

Amir goes home and his mother tries to acquit Uncle Mehrab and satisfy the problems. He tells Amir that he also had a fight with Mehrab, but something happened. Amir gets angry and says it does not matter to me whether I am permanent or my wife or anyone else. Homa tells her son she wanted to make up for it. After that, he was taken care of for 4-5 months in Turkey. He spent it and helped him. Amir realizes that his uncle saw the future after that incident.

In the next picture, we see that Mehrab has taken a large place with the intention of becoming a gallery cafe for the future. The future tries to show that it is tasteful. Alireza enters and says that I have done the work there, all that is left is for them to come and sign the office.

Alireza congratulates Mehrab on his future flirtations and adds that I have hot news for you that I can not tell you here. The next image enters a house and says see what party we have for you. He invites Samin inside the house and Samira hugs him.

Samin says we work in a boutique. He spreads his umbrella inside the house of Samira and Alireza. The cause of his red eyes is sleep deprivation due to working in a boutique. Finally, Alireza stealthily explains the story of Samin. On the other hand, Samin calls Farzaneh and says that the cost of the trip, if we are not smart, can be even higher than him.

Samin wants the key, which is not given to him. Finally he sits down and says I want some money. He wants one billion tomans of money. He makes excuses that I want to open a boutique in our city and you give me money from the city council. I borrow money, I give you back wisdom, I’m not a beggar. Alireza says, “Now you go, we think about it, we talk.”

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Samin goes to Farzaneh and says that their couple is crying. Alireza is afraid of me because he knows what I am doing. If he does not, I will threaten him.

Asma comes home and asks how her son is doing. He hears that Atieh had come, Reyhaneh and Faraz went to the park with Atieh. He gets angry and goes out. He goes to the park.

Finds Reyhaneh. Has entrusted the child to the future. It hits Reyhaneh in the ear and takes the baby away from the future. What does Atieh ask Asma? Did you finally do it or not? You do not have much time. remember.

In the place where they have taken a gallery for the cafe, Alireza goes to the altar. “I wanted to talk somewhere comfortable,” he says. He has done the notarized work and says how can I tell you? He pretends not to want to say, but in the end he says that since Atieh came back, I wanted to talk to Amir two or three times. Uncle, I think Amir Havaei has some thoughts. Once or twice I wanted to talk to him but he dodged. Then the story of the company and these. Why do you think he wants to sell the company? Cash is required. I think Amir is going from Iran to buy and buy property in Turkey. Inquiry about property prices in Istanbul.

Mehrab wants Alireza to cancel the office appointment with Atieh for now. Why? He is going to say later.

He goes to Amir and asks him to buy a house in Istanbul without letting others know what it means. Amir says your new game? Why should I go to Istanbul to buy property? Mehrab says the inquiry is in your name. Amir says I’m not afraid of anyone. If I want to do something, I will not go under it until it gets dirty later. Mehrab says Asma and Reyhaneh are all my life. I do not allow anyone to play with them. Amir replies that you have already shown that you are willing to go through everyone in order for your daughter to get what she wants.

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Mehrab says you do not know me yet. I will find you everywhere in the world, but I will not let you play with my daughter. Amir says I do not know where you got the papers from. I will not let the slightest harm be done to Asma, not because of you, because I love my life. But my heart is not clear with you. I understand, you left the unfortunate girl in the middle of a strange country. You came after your own life. Mehrab claims that we talked about this before. Amir says but I was not convinced. Mehrab says that after that incident, I went after him. The next night he lost himself and buried himself. What should I do? Amir says, “I have heard so many lies for so long. I can no longer trust your truth and lies. Excuse me, Uncle Mehrab.”

Samira and Atie are eating in a restaurant.

Alireza calls Samira. He says why don’t you let everything take root and then I will understand? What did you do to Razi in the north? The phone must be listening. Come home, goodbye! Atieh says I will come to help too. Samira says I will inform you. And goes.

Alireza reports that you have been charged with bribery, embezzlement and land grabbing in court.

Samira says that when I went to the city council, they told me to give a plan to change the use of agricultural lands. Buy villas and towns themselves and build these to become a tourist hub. He says that they mean Razi and Afzali. Alireza asks why? Samira says that the house you live in is a secret charity of these lands. Alireza asks, “Wasn’t it your father’s inheritance?” Samira says, “Where was my father’s inheritance?” What should I do now? What if they arrest me? Alireza says it is not unlikely. We need to see how far your case has come. Samira asks who should we ask? Alireza says that he has a friend who has become an investigator of economic corruption. I have to go follow up. Alireza says do not talk to Razi about anything. It twists so that your foot is in the middle.

When Alireza leaves, Samira picks up the phone and calls Razi.

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