Khosoof Serial Part 27


In the company, Amir reviews the story of inquiring about houses from Turkey with children. The children of the company suspect Alireza.

Razi accuses Samira of revealing everything to Alireza with a handgun. Samira suggests selling the land, but Razi disagrees. “We spent a lot,” he says. Do I accept that Afzali also accepts? Samira says to catch me, I say I did not do anything. But Razi pushes and threatens the 10 billion speculators he has.

Roozbeh wants to propose to Reyhaneh. Reyhaneh says go to Heravi Square. Eventually he comes without taking anything from his friend and because he knows that the boy is looking for drugs. He flips his bag over and finds the items and puts a check under his ear.

Atieh calls Asma and says that my patience is limited. You should act as soon as possible.

Alireza shows that he is teaching Samira the way to avoid. Samira tells the story of the promissory notes to Alireza. Alireza says that you can’t do anything by naming the house. Uncle Mehrab will not let you stay in prison either.
Alireza asks Atieh, do you really want to be Mehrab’s wife? Atieh asks if he has an Iranian? Alireza says it’s not very good, you put all his property in your name in one place. But you have to fight a lot. Amir is buying a house in Istanbul. He divorces Asma too, come with you. Uncle Mehrab’s baby. He says I did it. Let your uncle doubt Amir. After a day or two, he understands the name and the game goes well. I have other exciting news that has nothing to do with you, but to Afzali and Razi and your old friend Samira. When you were not, you bought the whole land in the name of forgery. Then, hand in hand between a series of addicts and a man with a door and a dagger, and Afzali reached out. Now, Samira has changed her use with her influence in the city council, and God willing, money. Your dear brother came in and gave them everything they needed. The game is just warming up.

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Homa explains the name of Asma to Mehrab and says that Mitersen will bring disaster on himself. Asma tells her father about Atieh threatening to separate and take the plunge. Mehr

ab jumps up and says you are making a wrong judgment.
Samira goes to Samin’s house. They collect materials. He teases them and says that this boutique pays well because you rented it here. If you want money, you have to go somewhere to someone’s house and bring me something. You die in his house. Samin mixes. Farzaneh says know the work done.

Arman tells Atieh that he wants to buy a studio. Atieh says that if the problem is satisfaction, she is with me. Sell ​​the north villa. My share is yours. Atieh shares the ticket for the concert with Arman from Amir and invites him. They are supposed to go to a concert.

Atieh calls Mehrab and says as if in my sky. I never thought it would be so good. when I see you? They will be in the gallery tomorrow morning.

Atieh and Mehrab meet. Tomorrow they are in the gallery giving ideas about the gallery, but Mehrab is in another world. Mehrab shows the photos to Atieh that were with Atieh. Atieh says that she proposed to me and I am in the process of buying her apartment. I went to pour clean water on my hand. I told him that instead of these fantasies of his childhood, he should take care of his wife and children. Mehrab asks you did not ask Asma to separate from Amir? Atieh says that I am a woman and now I understand names better than anyone. He was pessimistic. I do not know why. Did he tell you he came to our house once? The problem is not my name, Mehrab, he is involved with himself. I do not know why, but I know that something is bothering him.

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Mehrab says if I said my request 4 years ago, you said you would not run away, but you did not say what you would do. Atieh says that I am not a person of Ghaemaki life. Mehrab, if I think my work is right, why should I turn my back on others?

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