Khosoof Serial Part 28


In episode 28 of the series, he will maneuver around Samira’s promissory notes and Asma’s divorce.

and when Samira realizes that Samin has put a hat on the promissory notes, she gets into a fight with him.

Because Alireza did not pay the moneym this time Samin is greedy to take the money from Alireza and informs him that the promissory notes are in Alireza’s hands.

Samira also informs Razi about this clever play so that she can get help from Razi to discipline Alireza.
At the same time, Amir is suing for a divorce and gets into an argument with his wife.

Asma says that when you go out with the future, I have no other choice.

Alireza, however, is hiding.
Asma regrets asking for a divorce but Atieh does not give up. On the one hand, he continues his relationship with Mehrab, and on the other hand, he is taking part in the northern lands from Razi and his gang.

In episode 27 of the series Eclipse, Amir walks home alone at night.

There is no one and he sits in the kitchen and is alone and lights a cigarette.

Reza’s wife went to Mahtab again. He says that Reza was hospitalized in Sina Hospital and that he has no problem with his presence and knows his value in Reza’s life and asks Mahtab to see Reza again.

In Mehrab Company, he is arguing with Razi. On the story of apartments outside of Tehran, who shared Arman in the absence of Atieh and tried to silence him by approaching him and tempting him with money.

Razi says that you have all been mentioned and mentioned by Atieh Khanum. You, who are not Lavasan, go and sit in my room instead of me. Mehrab nods and apologizes. Razi complains that Mehrab is shouting at him and takes revenge.

In the car, Samin and Farzaneh eat a sandwich and then go to open the key in Razi’s house. They call from Vali’s apartment and humiliate him and enter. When they enter the house, there is a woman whose existence disrupts their plans, but she has the address of the safe. We see Samira’s name written in the safe papers. After that, they escape from there and return from work happy and intoxicated. Samira is waiting for them.

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There is no speculation among the things brought from the safe. Samira is the plaintiff. Samin wants his money. Samira denies it and gets into a fight. Samin says I am not Samin 4 years ago. I will not disgrace you in the middle of your municipality. I will come to your house and pull you out of your throat.

With Samira gone, Samin earns some money from each pocket and apparently they only have a little money left.

Atieh is talking to Mojdeh in Turkey. “I feel like they’re following me,” he says. Mafia, police, I do not know. And if they catch me, this kid will be at the door. He promises the future. If he is caught, he should be ready. Because he can not count on Chavosh, especially since he may be caught. Atieh suggests going somewhere else from Istanbul.

Alireza goes to Samin’s house and gives him the promissory notes. He also learns that they took the money because he himself had taken the money for them. Takes the night number to deposit money into their account. At the moment, it costs 50 million, and of course, they talk a little bit.

Samira came to Mahtab Cafe. Amir is there. He asks you about these 4 years he has been in Turkey and what have you asked him about the past? Samira says yes, but she has evaded. Amir explains that we all did bad things. I found out that Uncle Alireza knew that Samira knew. Samira says Amir, you do not know your uncle. At least you do not know as much as I do, now the future must return to Turkey. Amir says that whatever we do, we will be locked up because our uncle will not let us. Samira says you finally understood and continues that you did not understand your uncle’s views on the future? ون I understood everything 4 years ago when I saw the future relationship with the future. It was some time later that Atieh was lost. Did you know these?

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The next scene is Amir driving and shedding tears.

Mahtab goes to see Reza in the hospital. He is not happy now.

Atieh is sitting in Mahtab Cafe and Asma enters to meet him.

Atieh says it is a friendly meeting. The moonlight is confused.

Atieh asks how long do I have to wait to get a divorce?

Asma says, “Do you think I should say that Amir is satisfied and accepts?” Atieh says she accepts.

Amir accepts.

He tells her that a few nights ago we went to a concert and had a lot of fun. Didn’t he tell you? And shows him a selfie. Asma gets angry. He breaks down the cafe and leaves.

Asma angrily comes home and collects the sack. On the other hand, Atieh spends time with Mehrab and in the mornings they go and run and have breakfast and have fun.

Then they have coffee in the company that Mehrab says I thought about your profession and I agree.

If the answer is yes, we will get married and leave Iran.

Atieh asks, “Have you thought about the consequences?”

Mehrab’s answer is yes.

He says it does not matter, we just have to clarify the task of Asma and Reyhaneh before leaving.

It does not matter if they are not with me, but they should be comfortable with the future.

Razi arrives and says the office was crowded, it was too late. His neck is sore.

“I was careless,” he says. The case will be handed over to Atieh for all residential units.

In private, Atieh tells Razi that Mehrshahr apartments are not very important to me.

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I would like to know more about the northern lands. Razi sits down and asks, “Does Mehrab know?” The future says not yet. It all depends on your behavior.

After Mehrab and Atieh leave Razi Company, they call Samira.

He says come home. Work. I have to. They set another hour.

Samira at home asks what happened to your neck?

Razi says your sister’s cook.

Not being a thief. They were very amateur, but there were a lot of pictures of what they were looking for and who they came from. Those rumors are of no value to me at all. What do you think I got them to do?

Samira tells me not to step back. Razi says no, I really told them what to do? What if I limp and destroy you? ‌

Do you know from my knowledge that I need those 4 pieces of paper?

I can bring you down as well. Samira confirms.
Razi continues that his behavior was not beautiful at all, it was very ugly.

I’m not thinking of pulling you down right now. Be there for now until later.

And he continues, “How did Atieh understand the story of the northern lands?”

Samira is embarrassed and says, “I did not tell you.” Razi says you did not say.

I did not say. Afzali did not say either.

So what can work? Samira says Alireza.

Razi informs that I have investigated and no case.

Not formed in court. Your husband cheated on you.

When Samira comes out, she calls Samin to follow the story of the speculations.

He does not find her and goes to her house.

Finally, the boy who is their boss enters and brings them a passport.

Amir is in the company when the divorce petition comes from Asma. Atieh is crying in their house.

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