Khosoof Serial Part 29


Amir was confronted with a divorce application form from Asma. While in the company, the atmosphere of the company was affected by this letter.

Asma is at home when Amir enters and asks him what kind of joke is this? His mother inquires and Amir explains the story. Asma says, what is the use of continuing this life when your son’s heart is not with me? Amir says I love you I love my life I love my children. Asma says you have not been since this girl came. Do you like it? Go with it.

He brings a restaurant, a concert and a selfie to Amir. Amir dismisses the divorce petition. Asma also tells him the story of buying a house in Turkey.

Mehrab is grilling for Atieh in Damavand Villa. The future phone rings but does not answer. She says she is Mahour, the daughter of Arman.

Mehrab’s phone rings and they tell him the story of what happened to Asma and decide to leave.

Asma tells the truth to Mehrab. Mehrab says I promised you the problem would be solved in a week or two. Atieh returns and goes out of her life. Do not insist on divorce. Wait and take action if the situation does not change.

Amir goes to Alireza in the company. What is the flow of Istanbul apartments? Alireza does not bring it to him. The real estate agency recorded his voice and apparently leaked it. “I wanted to help,” he says. You are involved in strange things and you do not understand what is happening around. Do you have time to go somewhere? Where you have no questions after that?

He takes her to Mehrab Garden. The gardener is at home and announces the presence of a lady who has just arrived with the engineer and is going to change the decor of the villa. Amir enters the villa and sees the photos of the future. Alireza says that I have done evil to everyone, not to you.

Alireza goes to Atieh and says why did you leave the story of Turkey in their hands? Atieh says that I bought Mehrshahr apartments from Razi. Alireza says can you imagine how many hundreds of billions of tomans are lying in the northern lands? You rushed.

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Next time I will zip my mouth and there is no information. Atieh says you can go your own way and I can go my own way. whatever u want. Alireza says you have changed a lot. You are scary. How did you force Asma to file for divorce? Atieh says he may have suffered a guilty conscience and wants to make amends. People are repaying their past revenge. Mehrab rings and they put it together.

Mehrab goes home and Roozbeh is there. Basil is sleeping. He asks why he called you? Where did he get your number? Roozbeh says that Reyhaneh is in a worse condition than this. You should pay more attention to her. Reyhaneh shouts Roozbeh?

Amir visits the gallery that is being built and sees the future. He tells her the story of the villa and tells her. And that I think you also enjoyed Turkey very much. what are you doing? The future says life. do you have a problem ? Amir says that loving Uncle Mehrab and showing a selfie to Asma is also a part of your life? What happened in Turkey that made you disappear? Atieh says she proposed to me. Very respectful. Do you think there is a problem? I did not come to my senses then and I was wrong. Amir asks what if he proposes again? Atieh says that the issues of my life have nothing to do with you, Amir. what are you doing here? Go ahead. Atieh says there are things you do not know about, but if you know, you can not leave Pat in that house. Amir wants to tell her but Atieh says I will speak in Asma’s presence. I will inform you in a few days. You closed the door behind you.

Amir went to Mahtab Cafe at night. He asks, do you think the future is the same as 4 years ago? Mahtab says that we all change anyway.

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Alireza tells Samira that the only way is to stab Razi in the back. Tomorrow morning you will go north to the council to oppose the change of land use. You become the leader in the fight against corruption.

Atieh talks to her friend Mojdeh in Turkey, who is being sought after by some. Apparently he has committed thefts. He says once again that if I become something, he will be happy. Arman comes to his room and says that he finds the customer for the apartments and buys them all together. They are with him tomorrow.

At the council meeting, Samira changed her mind and threatened Jafarpour to say the unspoken. Samira gives an interview and comes out of the anti-corruption door.

In a business conversation between Razi and Mehrab, Mehra tells us to shut down everything. I will not be your guest for another week or two. I am going. The partridge also eats a rooster. Razi in the company tries to tell Mehrab that the future may be the bowls under his half-bowls. Mehrab says how much time do I have to live? Maybe Atieh has approached me to make up for the loss. He may not love me, he may not love me, but I love him. He wants to play me and let me go for another 5 years? No matter. 5 years is enough for me to live the way I want to live. I would like him to have a friend, but if he does not, what should I do? I have to deal with it. Razi Jan, I am no longer an 18-year-old boy who does not understand one thing. Life is a deal. One wins less, one wins more and one loses. I’m looking for it less.

Afzali shares Samira’s newspaper and career with Razi. Razi says we have to put everything to sleep for a year. As the dollar rises, so does the land. You do not have to worry. Our problem now is that Mehrab wants to leave Iran. His eyes fell on the apartment document. When the burden of mobile phones arrives, we criticize, reduce the burden, and settle everything. It’s time for this boy to see what his account is. He means Ali Reza. He is his guest and he says I do not play much.

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Alireza finally says his word and says I play too. I know everything. The northern lands, which is a small part of the adventure, are carefree. Bank guarantee with Mehrab document. Government currency for wheat and medicine that you brought mobile. Razi says we are partners. Alireza says one third. Razi wants to consult with her partner. Alireza goes and Razi says that the smell of sweets is bad. On Alireza’s return, Samin stood in front of Alireza to demand his money.

Amir comes home and the whole family is gathered. Mehrab says I want to talk. Amir also says I want to talk. Mehrab announces the transfer of the company to Razi.

سریال خسوف قسمت ۲۹ بیست و نهم (

Amir says that finally, when a person rests, there should be someone next to him who does not get bored. Suitable case. Eventually everyone finds one. How and when did you find it? How long did it take you to tell him in Turkey? Why did you go so far and not tell him in Iran? Were you afraid? Yeah? From whom? ‌ Are you really afraid of me? Laughs. Am I really that scary? Finally, everyone should know the bride of this family. After all, a little guest who should be bad to us, uncle? Do you know where to get it? Damavand Villa. It becomes very stylish and elegant. You did not see? The whole wall is the whole picture of my bride. Photo of Atieh Naseh. Mehrab confirms and says yes. I love the future and she is also happy with this marriage.

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