Khosoof Serial Part 30


Amir and Mehrab faced each other. Mehrab confirmed everything Amir had said and said, “How much time do I have?” How many years do I not have the right to live the way I want to live? Am I not entitled to think for myself?

What do you think about your rights? I promise I will divide it all in one or two days and give it to you.

I want to live in the remaining opportunity so that I do not feel regret. I do not want to hear anything about this anymore.

Reyhaneh is forced to go home. Amir goes to get Reyhaneh and Asma says good night. Homa is left alone with Mehrab. Homa says, “Have you lost your mind?” Mehrab replies that he has just returned.

I realized that you should not cover the rest of what you love for fear.

Mehrab calls Atieh and says that I told everyone the story and relieved myself.

Atieh says with hatred that they did not say anything? Amir? names?

“The important thing is that everyone knows,” says Mehrab. “I hope you do not get in trouble,” says Atieh. He says Arman is calling me to go to dinner. He is confused and taking pills.

In Amir’s car, Reyhaneh says goodbye to go up. He asks Amir Do you have time to go to Leila’s mom for a few days? ‌ I miss her very much. Amir promises to take him.

Mehrab returns home and tells Razi to delay the work of the tax office a little and come to work with you tomorrow. At Asma’s house, she says, “How can I have a daddy’s wife now?” He gives his consolation.

In Mehrab Company, he is trying to document various properties and lands in the name of his family. Gives folders, each of which contains an amount to be credited to their account, and asks Razi to do all of this. In addition to the gallery, there are two apartments called Atieh.

Amir hears from Asma that we should let my father and his wife leave Iran sooner.

He gets angry at the word of his wife for the future and leaves. Atieh makes an appointment with Mehrab by phone. The future is behind the wheel. Atieh summons Asma downstairs. Asma comes.

Atieh says did you think I love my father? Not that I do not like it. Asma says can my father’s wife leave Iran? The future says to go? جا Where to go? I came to be with you and Faraz and Amir. I will become your mother somehow, won’t I? We are going to have a lot of fun. I will call you.

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Roozbeh contacts Reyhaneh but she does not appear. He asks Amir how he is, and they talk to each other.

In the company, Alireza is on the phone and hears that two apartments in Borjnegar have been registered under the name of Ms. Samira Ghorbani. A plot of land near Kelardasht. There is also accurate registration information and a document that he is going to send to Alireza. He whispers to himself that after all, this is the apartment we are sitting in.

Yeah? How are you? Samin calls Alireza. Alireza puts down the phone. Samin leaves a message to come down or to come up in another 10 minutes and not to disgrace you?

Razi’s feet twist. Alireza says did you decide on a partnership?

The secretary says what does this say? Satisfied says let go.

Alireza does not want to give money to Samin and Farzaneh. Samin shouts and threatens. He gives her a chance to get the money until tomorrow. And they go.

In the gallery, Atieh asks what the others said. Mehrab says they were shocked. I’m just worried about the basil, which will be solved in two or three days. I also give them their rights. I have rented two apartments for you too.

Atieh says I have no right to your life. “In Paris, I asked my friend to rent a house right now, so that when we buy and live on one floor, one floor would be a gallery,” says Mehrab.

I called the embassy and the visa will be ready in a few days.

We see Reyhaneh who is at home and is not feeling well. He thinks of committing suicide and throwing himself and takes pills. Roozbeh keeps calling him but he does not answer.

Mahtab is in the hospital and Reza is not well. John gives.

Alireza is driving and arranges for Samin to take his money for another half an hour.

He says I got a bank check, I get it, I get it and that’s it. But they call 110.

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Samin is consoling Farzaneh that the police are coming home and want to escape from behind the roof. Alireza is intoxicated by what he has done until night. He drinks for himself in the car and listens to foreign songs!

When he reached home, he was attacked by two motorbikes. Alireza manages them.

Sprays and kicks them. One escapes and the one who is beaten remains. Alireza beats him to death and stabs him.

Razi and the secretary at his house are playing billiards. Farshid calls him and says something that makes Razi angry. Atieh is playing with Arman’s daughter when Chavosh calls her and informs her that they have received the good news.

He is in detention now and is afraid to go, and he will be arrested.

It was prepared by Ilmaz, but now it is Chavosh. He says he talked to you about Mahya before taking her.

Roozbeh’s phone rings in the company and it is Reyhaneh. Apparently he is not happy. Roozbeh informs Mehrab and wants to enter the house. They enter together and look for basil.

Reyhaneh wants to throw herself out on the balcony. “I remembered my mother last night,” she says. “You used to go to the mountains every Friday, didn’t you?” When you wanted to kill him, why didn’t you throw him down from there?

You who did not love your mother, why did you marry her at all? Mehrab says I loved him. Mehrab says before. 

Kill mom, did you fall in love with a new woman or later?

Roozbeh says that now if I die, you will go and get a wife. Catch.

Alireza comes home. Embarrassed, Samira is looking for things.

Alireza asks where are the promissory notes?

Samin also came in front of Razi Company.

What promise did you make to him that he gave you the promissory notes? Alireza says shut up.

Samira asks what happened? You tore the leash. Alireza says, “Come on, take it and punch Samira and Samira falls to the ground.” He beats and says, “Did you think I sat and looked at you for 4 years and stood forever?”

Says the dishonorable. I loved you. I will not leave you a good day. Do you make and bake with satisfaction? I’m miserable. Are you sending someone to follow me? Did you think my chest is in the graveyard now?

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Alireza collects Samira’s promissory notes and all the documents and leaves.

Samira is not happy and falls.

Homa and Asma have come to the hospital. Apparently Reyhaneh is alive.

Asma says that Baba committed suicide because of you, right? Talk. Say I have the right to life. Is his face very ugly?

Razi rides Farshid. He says that this Alireza managed them?

What does the person who was arrested know?

Apparently, they were the ones who sent the car to the valley four years ago. Razi is angry and gives Farshid money and says that you are leaving Tehran right now and you will not be sunny any time soon. Just go.

Amir goes to Atieh’s house. Maryam opens the door and informs Atieh that Amir is coming.

Razi, who wanted to make it clear to Alireza that he was on the side of someone bad and was not joking, had physically injured him in previous episodes. Alireza has been missing since then and is now wounded.

On the other hand, a large part of Atieh’s plan has progressed and Alireza’s tactical support has helped him even more, but Atieh’s revelation of the story of the Turkish house has kept Alireza away from him.

So Alireza, who has now lost the speculation and did not give it to Samira, has decided to turn the last leaf himself.

Now Alireza asked for a third share from Razi, and Razi ostensibly promised him that he would agree with his other colleague, Afzali, on this issue. But when Alireza went out in the series Khosuf hg, we saw that Razi said that the smell of sweets came from Alireza.

Razi wants to kill Alireza who did not take the warnings seriously.

Meanwhile, Samin and Farzaneh have a heart for Alireza, and of course for Samira.

But since there is nothing left to do, this action will probably take place, but the end result, given that the script has revealed such a thing, may be quite the opposite!

What do you think?


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