Leila’s Brothers Recap – Summary

Ismail (Saidpour Samimi) smokes angrily. His son (Alireza-Navid Mohammadzadeh) gets the news that they are unemployed. Many redundant workers. A woman (Lila-Traneh Alidosti) is in physical therapy with pain.

The old man at the beginning of the film enters Majlis Khatami and is looking for a better place for himself in the mosque, but he does not get a place.

Workers are involved. The sound of the physiotherapy machine is mixed between the images like the sound of a bullet. The woman is in pain.
The man bought Agha Bayram a pirhan to get rid of his mourning and forcefully wants to cut his hair. It is his father’s birthday. The discussion is about succession.

The lives of many families and their weddings depend on Bayram’s permission. Between Ismail and Qardash Ali, Kolkol is bigger. He does not argue. It is timid and fast.

In the conflict of the workers, one of them (Navid Mohammadzadeh) has the intention of escaping, and another one of them calls him Bishraf a coward.

In the yard, Leila and her two brothers are busy with their daily life. The father is in the bathroom and they are talking. The father grumbles and the sons taunt.

Leila and her father are going up and the brothers are going down the stairs of a hospital. We understand that the father usually insists on naming the children. Another brother arrives with some little girls. Ismail’s grandson was born. They do not show him the grandson. He wants to open the diaper to see if it is a boy or not. Being a boy is confirmed.

At home, the birth certificate is discussed. Ismail wants to see if the child’s name has been named Ghulam according to his order. Ismail hands the birth certificate to his other son Alireza (Navid Mohammadzadeh) for confirmation. Everyone apparently confirms that his name is Ghulam. Grandfather is not literate. He wants to match it with his salary card. The baby’s name is Poyan.

Alireza is a follower of unemployment insurance premium, whose conditions do not bother him. They went to the hospital with his father and Leila.

At the hospital, they are discussing Alireza’s work situation and apparently Leila is tired of bringing them from the hospital. Their mother has found out about his unemployment. Alireza says I will find a job soon. Leila answers: Nothing can be fixed by working, something must be done. He asks Alireza to start a business with his brothers. Leila is afraid of Manouchehr that if they don’t find something, he will create trouble for himself by doing things like that. He says that Parvez cannot bear his own weight, he is just looking for a place to sit. Farhad is also thinking about it. It’s his muscles. I am paying all my salary so that we do not starve. Leila says that mom and dad sleep until morning and think about how to sleep at night. Gather everyone together and do something. I, who hate my brother’s unemployment, was happy about your dismissal because I said that I will pull Alireza to a corner and say that your brothers are lonely and without work and without money. Don’t leave them alone. And tears fall. Among my brothers, you are the one who can start a business.

You have no food left to eat. The more you eat, the less you don’t have. I mean, can we do something when you fill out the form, write your job name where it says on the form?

Brothers talk to each other. Parviz’s weight gain is the subject. It is about sweating and sedentary work and these. He is sweeping the floor. Manouchehr says they want to knock down the toilet and build a shop instead. Farhad is in charge of the toilet in the company where Leila works.

Ismail sleeps sitting up because he has a phobia of death since the battery was placed in his heart.

The brothers and Leila are sitting in a car and their other brother is next to them. Layla is decked. Leila climbs a semi-functional industrial elevator. It is a unit that has neither windows nor stairs. He doesn’t have gas and they are going to give him a certificate later. They go to a shopping mall. They go to Mahmoud who has an offer for them.

Mahmoud leasing cars. He says that we do not actually deliver cars. He says that this office used to be our son-in-law’s. Hazar Pride registered, took his money, left and gave me his notebook. I registered a thousand pride and paid him. I registered another thousand pride and took the money. Now, if you want to get this book, first you have to settle my debt, in the second step, register a thousand cars, take the money for yourself, and then give the next delivery, and so on.

Alireza himself is scared and he scares others too. Leila agrees but the others don’t. have become airborne They explore other ideas such as demolishing and building their new home. Finally, Manouchehr says that I am thinking about selling the house. He took another brother’s passport to go to Thailand by forging it. He finds his bag and demands his documents with a knife. bring it out They fight and…

In the company, they inform that there are conditions for advance payment and large installments to hand over the shop to them in 7 months.

They think their money is settled, but they understand that Manouchehr’s house is his ex-wife’s dowry.

Ismail went to Bayram’s house. Bayram says that Qardash Ali is a notorious gambler. Haj Gholam willed you to be the head of the family after his death. No disrespect, but do you see it in yourself to sit in his place? do you want it or not Ismail says yes, I want to. Bayram says that a wedding gift is not cheap. Do you have the conditions? Either it should be cash or gold coins. He says I will arrange it. Bayram’s answer is that if not, we have other alternatives. He gives him a list of family gifts.

Ismail went to his wife to give the savings they have so that he can be the elder of the family. For this situation, they have to give 40 gold coins. The story of A

They can take coins and put them in their pockets after the wedding. A cycle that everyone knows is trickery, but they do it because it’s their turn. Father has been saving 40 coins for years. Almost equivalent to all debts for shop advance.

After the arguments, the father falls on the bathroom stairs and the coins are around him. He goes to the hospital and hits me.

Alireza and Leila are in the kitchen when their mother, who is sleeping, says, “Why are you washing dishes?” Mother says you wanted to smoke, God answered you. Alireza says who are you with? Mother says brother should be zealous, does sister smoke? Leila says that your uncles were jealous that you were six months pregnant on your wedding night.

Leila and Alireza talk about their problems while smoking. Alireza says that growing up means you understand more that you are not going to achieve all the things you want.
The discussion goes to Leila’s suitor, Majid, who has divorced his wife. Leila says, I didn’t even remember that such a person exists. Alireza informs that he has taken a second wife. The story was that their father had told him that he is sick and will stay on your hand. After Majid’s separation, he called and told the story. Her father wanted her to marry one of his relatives. No one asked him and the work did not go to the next stage.

Leila wants to stop her father from going to the wedding. Alireza believes that everyone is responsible for their own life and if they do something to their father, it will fall and stay on their hands.

At the door, Alireza meets a girl who has a past.

ready for the wedding and Bayram sent the jacket to his father. Boys also prepare themselves with suits and fake and rented watches. The mother also has a type and breaks eggs. Leila takes a souvenir photo of them.

The mother wants a single photo of the father. For the father’s announcement. They enter the wedding hall. It is time to decide the big family. Ismail Jorablu is introduced. He is getting old. The light falls on him. He lights a cigarette and waves. Parvez drinks alcohol.

Ismail Jorabalo is invited to dance. In between dances, Lila sees the men’s hall and stares at her family in the middle of the dance floor. Alireza goes to the hall and opens the box of coins. It seems to be empty. Leila is running away and Alireza follows her in the street. Laila didn’t bring the coins and she strongly asks Alireza to go and fold it like this with Bayram. We see that most of the gifts that are few put some amount on it to announce more.

Alireza and Bayram come out together. Bayram says we you. We invite you to stay with us. Bayram says I will give these to them and take them away in the hall. Alireza says something is in my hands. Bayram says, I said if you can’t do it, I didn’t force it. Alireza says give our gift yourself and tell them to announce it in our name. Bayram says I can announce Qardash Ali. Bayram says from Your father, I have made a notarized commitment to get 40 coins. Sit down without raising your voice and go home when it’s over.

Bayram goes to Ismail and takes him down. They say behind the speaker that they are going to give Qardash Ali the first gift. Qardash Ali is announced as the successor of Mr. Gholam Jurablou. Qardash Ali presents 50 coins of Bahar Azadi!

After reaching home, Ismail closes the door and goes alone. Everyone except Alireza knew what the problem was. In the morning, there is a shop contract meeting. Alireza introduces Leila as the cause and cause of everyone’s misery.

Tomorrow, they will sign the property in Alireza’s name and make a contract.

The father has gone and closed the door and will not come out. He does not eat lunch either.

Tomorrow, they take the father into the bathroom and say that our shop is here. They open the bathroom door and the sunlight is clear. After hearing what the boys said, he says he will see you in court. We understand that he has mortgaged the house to buy the coins.

Alireza tells the news of this document incident to Leila Pusht in CCU. At Leila’s house, she says that we will pay back with the income of the shop.

Alireza is worried that he will die, Leila, who is standing by this, also hears from Parvez that he will walk to the end and he will die. Manouchehr says that the shop needs time and capital to reach income. Leila says if she had given the coins to Bayram, what would she have done? You are ruining your biggest chance and you started your eternal misery tonight.

When they cancel and reach the gold shop, they find out that 2.5 million coins have been minted instead of 1.400. And every moment, other goldsmiths say more expensive. It costs 3 tomans. By night 4, it was 200 million tomans. Trump said he will withdraw from the JCPOA. Mother says to buy. In these 70 years, I have not seen anything come down.

8 million tomans will be coined tomorrow morning. The father is also with them. Everyone is in a bad mood. Alireza is kneeling in front of the price notice board of the exchange and Manouchehr is staring at the board as the price goes up. Seeing it in the atmosphere raises water. Alireza and his father Ismail caress him.

The coin reaches 14 million and the dollar becomes 28 thousand tomans. The mother curses her cause and origin. Leila says that if we had the shop, it would have increased 5-6 times. The father says that if this is the case, let’s go and take back the shop!

Tomorrow, the dollar has rejected 30 thousand tomans. A fancy car comes and girls get out of it. The boys stare at them. We understand that Manouchehr has only 10 days to deliver either 900 Prides or the remaining huge prices.

At home, Leila asks what to do? Manouchehr May

He says that the office is legally in my hands and my roommate has also melted into the ground. I had thought about everything, if the prices had not been like this, we would have bought the whole arcade. Leila says there is no choice. Alireza says that everyone runs away with their money, will you go with their debt? Manouchehr says, I know that Farhad is troubled by me. You don’t want to give your passport, but dear Leila, this is the last time.

He gives him his passport. He cries and says that whenever you call, say that you are very well, you are doing a good job. It is very good to make us feel at ease with one person.

Alireza says on the roof, I am afraid of all the good things. Maryam was so good, I could not hold her. Later, I went to a girl in the workshop whose flaws were obvious from the beginning, and then I let her go because of her flaws. I hate a person who has defects, I fear a person who is perfect. I was also afraid of that shop because I was also afraid of happiness. Leila says that this is what happens when they teach you how to think instead of thinking.

The mother tells Ismail that my sons were living their lives. It was your fault. They tease each other. Mother says who is to blame? Leila says Mom, why don’t you and your husband die? Leila says it’s all because of the upbringing of idiots like you. You who love your husband more than your sons and your sons more than a daughter. He says to his father, do you still want to continue the loan lie? Did you get your revenge? He takes out the house deed from inside the sofa and we understand that it was not a mortgage, but that he was only guarding it. He has had a secret account for 20 years and bought the coins from his own house. He goes and knocks on his father’s ear. Farhad shouts and curses Leila. Leila goes and closes the door. Mother curses.

He passes the passport at Peyman East airport. Mehr eats and leaves. Brothers and sisters send him kisses.

When Alireza enters the factory, his mobile phone is stolen. Apparently, they can only pay their salary for 3 months if they sign a form that is cleared and they have paid 1 year. Alireza is angry and breaks the glass and leaves in a rage.

At home, Parviz’s children and him are preparing for a birthday. Leila puffs and Ismail looks at the others and sits on the chair. smokes Alireza has also bought and is arriving. He brings a gift. Farhad is also busy helping. Alireza goes to his father who sees that he has died. He closes his eyes. sits. He smokes half of the cigarette that his father had lit and is still lit.

Birthday guests arrive. Alireza kisses his father’s hand and sheds tears. Layla stares unresponsive.

Baby girls arrive in bridal dresses and it starts from birth. Alireza is raised to dance. At the same time, he dances.

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